MLB Top 4: Biggest day/night differences in baseball

May 7, 2013 |
MLB Top 4: Biggest day/night differences in baseball
Texas' ERA is 2.89 at night and 3.87 in day games.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
Texas' ERA is 2.89 at night and 3.87 in day games.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
With most teams having played roughly 30 games so far this season, we have a large enough sample size to start looking closer at split stats and how that info can help with our MLB bets.

Here's a look at four teams with a huge difference between their performance in day games and night games.

Successful day teams:

Kansas City Royals

10-5 day, 7-7 night

The Royals are a top team in the American League when it comes to playing day games. Kansas City's pitching staff has a 2.62 ERA in day games, good enough for second in the AL. Compare that with a 4.04 ERA in night games and the disparity is glaring.

Their batting average in day games is .279 against .256 at night. The light-hitting Royals have just 16 homers on the year and just six of those came with the sun shining.

The Royals' next early start will be versus the New York Yankees at home on May 12 with Ervin Santana slated to pitch against Hiroki Kuroda. The Yankees are currently 6-6 in day games.

Minnesota Twins

11-5 day, 3-10 night

The Minnesota Twins are the worst night team in the majors at 3-9 but are a respectable 10-6 in day games.

Pitching has let the Twins down when they play under lights. Their 5.24 ERA in night games is third worst in the AL. They have fanned just 60 batters in their 13 night games. That's 44 less than anybody else.

Day games are a different story. Their ERA is 2.98 under the sun and they have walked just 35 batters in 133 innings pitched.

The Twins' next day game will be versus the Baltimore Orioles at home on May 12. The O's currently boast an 8-5 day record.

Successful night teams:

Colorado Rockies

12-7 night, 7-6 day

The Rockies average roughly a full run more when they play under the lights. They have crossed the plate 107 times in 19 night games and they are third in the majors with a .284 batting average in night games.

Colorado opens a three-game series with the Chicago Cubs on May 13. All three games will be under the lights. The Cubbies are currently 7-8 in night games.

Texas Rangers

16-6 night, 4-7 day

There is no bigger disparity between night and day records then what the Texas Rangers have. The scorching heat in Arlington usually leads to a vastly superior night record for the Rangers.

The Rangers are batting .274 in night games compared to just .242 in their day games. Pitchers will also perform more comfortably in the evenings. The Rangers' ERA is 2.89 at night and almost a full run more at 3.87 during the day.

Texas is back in Arlington for a four-game series versus the Detroit Tigers on April 16.

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