NFL odds: Week 2 opening line report

Sep 9, 2013 |
NFL odds: Week 2 opening line report
Oddsmakers have added points to the "Manning Bowl" spread after Sunday.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
Oddsmakers have added points to the "Manning Bowl" spread after Sunday.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
If you’re looking for coverage or analysis on any other game but Denver at New York this week, don’t hold your breath.

The “Manning Bowl” headlines the Week 2 schedule and you won’t hear about another game, team or player until the media vultures have picked this family feud clean.

Oddsmakers opened this game at Denver -2.5 following the Broncos’ dominant performance over the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football and have since suggested a push to Denver -4 following the Giants’ sloppy showing in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night.

“Just the fact that the Giants didn’t look sharp, we have to move this line because of the public perception of how each team looked in Week 1,” Peter Korner, founder of the Nevada-based odds service The Sports Club, tells Covers. “As good as Denver was and how the Giants looked last night, we know that will stick in the minds of bettors. So we upped it a point and a half.”

For those of you keeping score, Peyton Manning is 2-0 SU and ATS versus his brother Eli Manning for their careers. The total for Sunday’s Round 3 of the “Manning Bowl” opened at 48 points.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (-3, 44.5)

Overshadowed by sibling rivalry is this NFC West war between what many consider to be the two best teams in the NFL.

The Seahawks and Niners have a good thing going, which according to those Madden 25 commercials, started when Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson were at summer camp in the 90’s. I’ll have to fact check that one.

Most online books opened Seattle -3 while Korner and his team of oddsmakers came to the table with the spread as low as a pick. They eventually sent out Seahawks -3 but said things will get tricky in Northern Nevada – Reno and Tahoe – also known as Niners Country.

“I don’t know if the people up north can put up San Francisco as a dog,” he says. “They’ll be flood with 49ers action regardless. Northern Nevada is all Bay Area up there. I feel for them on this one.”

Korner says he’s much more impressed with San Francisco’s win over Green Bay and wasn’t convinced by the Seahawks’ efforts against Carolina. He expects this spread to come down quite a bit before kickoff on Sunday night.

New York Jets at New England Patriots
(-13, 44)

Some shops opened this AFC East matchup as low as New England -10 and watched wiseguys smack the hell out of the odds, driving the spread all the way to -13.

That isn’t enough points, according to Korner, who sent out the Patriots -13.5 and expects that line to keep climbing before Thursday.

“Before the Jets won and the Patriots had a hard time (versus Buffalo in Week 1), this would clearly be two touchdowns. It’s a total anti-Jet number. We don’t get swayed on results too much. This is a gift. Who’s betting the Jets? Really, who? This is a classic favorite and over for a marquee standalone game.”

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5, 40.5)

Perhaps the biggest knee-jerk reaction from Week 1 revolves around the Steelers’ struggles after losing 16-9 to Tennessee. Pittsburgh didn’t perform well in the preseason and bettors are well aware of the aging core of stars keeping the Steelers intact.

Korner originally sent out Bengals -4 but admits he underestimated the market and gives credit where credit is due to those who opened Cincinnati just shy of a touchdown.

“The offshore guys had a better opening line,” he says. “I wasn’t as high on Cincinnati as others. I agree with the move to six and will be suggesting that everyone keep this one high.”

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