Ask the oddsmaker: Olympic fever, NFL and more

Jul 23, 2008 |
Ask the oddsmaker: Olympic fever, NFL and more bookmaker, Michael Perry, takes time away from the sportsbook to answer bettors' questions from an oddsmaker's perspective.


Neil (Vegas): How was the action on last weekend’s two mixed martial arts events? The sport has been growing in popularity with mainstream fans, but a night like Saturday probably generated a lot of betting action too. How did the books fare?


Michael Perry:   Most books did well on both the UFC & Afflication events. In particular, we did well on the Affliction main event, using one of the highest numbers out there on Fedor (-450). We did almost as well on -600 fave Anderson Silva. Both men needed a combined 90 seconds to defeat their opponents, so it wasn’t even a sweat for us.


William (London):  If you do your homework at the Tour de France, it seems like a good wagering opportunity. Anybody betting large on the bikes these days?


Michael Perry:  I don’t know about the sport to give a confident tip right now, so I just IM'd a buddy, and he said this year’s race is Cadel Evans to lose. So depending what day it is when you read this, good luck to you.


Frank (Orlando): The Arena Bowl goes this week with the Philadelphia Soul favored by 3 ½ right now. Any big underdog moneyline bets coming in on the San Jose Sabercats?


Michael Perry: Yeah, not surprisingly, the brunt of our players are on San Jose money (+135). Another part of the action getting quite a bit of money is the under (119 1/2). I can see this, as the team's may come out a little bit tight in such a big contest.


Marvin (LA):  What are the big betting events for the Olympics?


Michael Perry:  When talking Summer Olympics, men's hoops will always be numero uno with the betting public. Now we are offering what USA Men's basketball player will lead the team in scoring average. (Kobe is the favorite at 2-1, while Lebron and Carmelo are 5-2).


Mike (Tampa):  Who’s the best MLB value bet going right now after the All-Star break?


Michael Perry: I like Florida. They are only a game out of first and are such a tough group of kids, they are unfazed that their own city barely support them. If you could pick any single player to start a team, Hanley Ramirez is the answer you would hear more times than anyone else. If their pitching holds up, beware of these Fish.


Tom (Chicago):  With the Quarterback position the weakest points of each of the four teams in the NFC North, who do you think will come out that division as the division champ?


Michael Perry: Minnesota. To be successful in the NFL, you need to have strong offensive and defensive lines and the Vikings have that. Green Bay will finish a close second. Chicago and Detroit will fight it out for third.


Keith (DC):  With the addition of Jason Taylor to the defensive line of the skins can they compete in the stacked NFC East and are they a good value bet at 6-1 to win the division?


Michael Perry:  I do like the Skins at 6-1 for the division. They are only a 3 ½-pt underdog against the Super Bowl Champion Giants on the road, so they seem to be getting respect from the oddsmakers.


Lou (New Orleans):  With the trade of Jeremy Shockey to the Saints do they all but have the NFC South division title wrapped up? And does their value at 9-1 to win the NFC go up as well?


Michael Perry: I would be very surprised if the Saints can’t win that pretty sorry division. They have made some very nice offseason moves (Johnathan Vilma for a 4th rounder, a bargain, in my eyes). Shockey will bring odds down to 8/1. Still not bad odds in a Conference that seems wide open after the Cowboys.


Peter (Green Bay): The Brewers made another move at the beginning of the week acquiring Ray Durham, is they’re any word whether the Cubs have any deals in the works?


Michael Perry:  Both the Brew Crew and Cubbies will be active until the trading deadline (July 31). I dont see anything done until after the weekend at least. The Cubs are getting Alfonso Soriano back, and if he struggles early, look for them to make a push for often traveled Jose Guillen from K.C.


Harry (Toronto):  Thanks for answering my question from last week. With the MLB trade deadline next week do you see any moves happening that could affect the division and league lines?


Michael Perry:  No problem Harry. I think we have seen the biggest trades of the season already. There may be a No. 2 starter on his way to a contender, or a so-so outfielder (like Guillen).    


Jose (Miami): Will the USA Basketball team be able to get out of the first round of the Olympic tournament without a loss, even though they have to play Spain and Greece ?


Michael Perry:  Honestly, I will be shocked if this team loses a single contest. They have one of the best motivators in the game (Coach K) leading them. I'm a big fan of their selections at point guard (Chris Paul, Derron Williams, and Jason Kidd). No more surprises this Olympics.


James (Chicago): Would you say that at 20-1 Russia is a good bet to take home the most medals in the Olympics?


Michael Perry: Possibly, if there is a bad case of food poisoning in both the Chinese and U.S.A. camps.


Joel (San Fran): How much action will the book take on the Olympics?  Is it a good event to pad your payroll on?


Michael Perry: Action on the Olympics isn’t too heavy at the moment. It will pick up once we approach the opening ceremonies. For example, in track and field, once people find out how certain racers are doing in their trials, then we will see more money come in. Remember if there are any events you think we should be offering, please feel free to let us know.


Helen (Newport):  The US Women’s Basketball team is a big favorite at 1-5 do you think there is a good chance they can be upset?


Michael Perry: Might have to put up a prop on will either USA mens or womens team lose a game at Olympics, because I don’t think the ladies will lose a single game either.


Russ (Edmonton): Is the IRL starting to gain some popularity in the sports betting world?


Michael Perry: Now Danica Patrick and Milka Duno are duking it out (at least yelling and throwing towels at each other), it certainly makes things a bit more interesting. Expect to see race matchups between these two feisty little vixens in the near future now as well.

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