Auburn fan misses out on $50,000 payday

Jan 7, 2014 |
An Auburn fan was 13 seconds away from a $50,000 payday before Kelvin Benjamin snatched a Jameis Winston touchdown pass out of the air to secure Florida State's first BCS title in 14 years.

ESPN reported, last January Mark Skiba's father, while on vacation in Las Vegas, placed a $100 bet on Auburn to win the national title at 500/1 odds. And if not for the last second touchdown he would have cashed in.

Skiba had planned to hedge his bet heading into Monday night's title tilt, but as gametime approached he backed off. With the spread continually moving in Florida State's favor, Skiba would have had to bet a large sum of money against Auburn to even out the action.

Skiba also said he felt weird betting against Auburn and eventually made the decision to let the bet ride and that he regrets nothing.

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