member on the verge of $25,000 cash prize

May 16, 2009 | member on the verge of $25,000 cash prize

Editor's note: kohli4 has made his next selection, choosing the over 187 points for Orlando at Boston Sunday night.

On April 10, the Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Charlotte Bobcats in a game that wouldn’t register with even the most die-hard basketball fan. But for one member, this late-season NBA snoozer could end up be the first step in a life-changing run.

kohli4 a member of the community, is just two plays away from winning $25,000 through’s Streak Survivor contest.

Ever since correctly picking Oklahoma City to cover the spread as a 3.5-point home underdog, Kohli4 has accurately selected 19 straight sides and totals to extend his streak to within two of the magic number of 21 and a massive cash prize. And he is a mere six correct picks from the grand prize of $100,000.

"After I won five in a row, I started giving myself little milestones,” says Kohli4, who has played on Wagerline for two years since being introduced to it by a friend. "Let me get to the hat, let me get to the hoodie, let me get to $1,000. And now, hopefully, let's get to that $25,000."

While Kohli4 has been wagering online and at casinos for over 15 years, he’s never put together a streak like this. His previous high was four in a row and he was coming off six straight losses before beginning his current hot streak.

Kohli4 has limited himself to just NBA and MLB during this stretch, playing just two totals. He believes his strength is handicapping baseball, which make up 12 of his 21 selections (two of which resulted in a push). He credits his current success to various different handicapping techniques.

"It's all those little quirks and silly theories over the years that have come to fruition in this one streak,” says Kohli4, who has already won $1,000 for picking 17 straight winners. “All those things that all gamblers pretty much look for are hitting in all the right spots.”

He’s played against the public, based on line movement and even used the infamous “injured player” theory.

Kohli4’s 16th victory came when he selected the Houston Rockets, who had just lost center Yao Ming for the playoffs, to cover as 7.5-point home underdogs against the Los Angeles Lakers. Houston went on to defeat the Lakers 99-87.

His most nail-biting moment came during the Cleveland Cavaliers second-round series with the Atlanta Hawks. He selected the Hawks to cover as 10-point underdogs in Game 4. The game was close for about three quarters but Cleveland eventually started to pull away in the fourth quarter, putting his streak in jeopardy. However, the 84-74 final score pushed with his selection and kept his amazing run alive.

Kohli4 has watched about half of the games selected. He will casually follow them online or catch the tail end of them on TV. He may get together with family and friends for these upcoming games. He has also considered the insurance plan of hedging his bets as he advances closer to picks No. 21 and 25.

Heading into the weekend, Kohli4 is taking time off before making his next pick. He accurately won with the Baltimore Orioles over the Kansas City Royals Thursday and says he is eyeing either Sunday’s NBA games or Monday’s schedule for his next selection.

"It gets draining,” he says. “Now that I'm coming up on the big number, the stress and the pressure start to build up and you're second guessing different things."

Kohli4 isn’t the first member to advance this close to the top prizes. In 2007, Mark Tupper, also known as Tuppy, rode the free play survivor contest all the way to $100,000. Previous to that, a user named Claudio picked 21 straight games and won the then $10,000 grand prize in 2004.

“I think he has a great shot to hit 21,” says Tupper. “Although, I really hope he does not pick any more over/under baseball games. Those things can kick you in the ass.”

As for looking ahead, Kohli4 doesn’t have any set plans if he does win the $25,000 or $100,000 prizes. He says with the economic crisis, he’ll likely bank most of it, but isn’t shy about having a little fun. A possible family vacation could be in the works or a new big-screen TV. He also says if he takes home the grand prize, there could be some kick backs for those friends who introduced him to’s free contests.

"Maybe we'll all meet and have a good weekend in Vegas.”

Be sure to follow the Streak Survivor leaderboard to see if Kohli4 continues his quest for 25 straight wins.


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