The best sports bars in Las Vegas to eat, drink and watch football

Nov 6, 2016 |
The best sports bars in Las Vegas to eat, drink and watch football
Blondies is located deep in the Miracle Mile Shops and might have the best TV setup of any listed.
Blondies is located deep in the Miracle Mile Shops and might have the best TV setup of any listed.
The sportsbook might be the best place to watch football in Las Vegas, however, it's not the only place. Sometimes the games need more than most sportsbooks can offer. You may need to head away from the sportsbook to find a place to watch the games with food, drinks, and guaranteed seating. This combination isn't always easy to come by.

If you need all of the above in one place you might want to head to a sports bar and restaurant. That's what I usually do when a group of friends wants to watch the games on the Vegas Strip. 

Here are a few good locations to eat, drink, and watch football. I've noted the closest sportsbook in case you don't wager via a mobile app.

Blondies (Planet Hollywood)

This restaurant is located deep in the Miracle Mile Shops and might have the best TV setup of any listed here. Here are some highlights: Good prices for the Vegas Strip, two or more TV’s per game on NFL Sunday, it’s an Ohio State bar for the Buckeyes' fans, there’s beer pong every day, and the waitresses all wear cheerleader outfits (if you’re into that sort of thing). The downsides are that you’ll always need a reservation for big events and will usually have to pay a minimum per person for a seat. Additionally, it’s a 3-4 minute walk through traffic to get to the sportsbook at Planet Hollywood.

PBR Rock Bar (Planet Hollywood)

This restaurant and bar is located in the Miracle Mile Shops but it's right across from the sportsbook. If you’re only looking for a couple of games you can watch from the Vegas Strip patio. Some highlights here include tater tots with every sandwich and some breakfasts (TOTS!), lots of TV’s to watch the games, there's usually space available on a gameday, and that great location. The downside is that every game may not be viewable from your seat.

The Still (The Mirage)

This is one of the newest sports restaurants and bars on the Vegas Strip. The TV’s are brand new, huge and easy to see. The best feature is that The Still is one of the few bars that show the RedZone channel. They also run the audio from the RedZone over the speakers so you can keep up with “every touchdown from every game.” The downsides are that every game may not be viewable from your seat and that prices are on the high end of moderate for the Vegas Strip. The restaurant is about a 2-3 minute walk to the busy sportsbook if you need to place a wager.

Tap (MGM Grand)

Tap (not to be confused with TAG at The Linq) is located right across from the sportsbook at MGM Grand. They have TV’s and large viewing screens viewable from many seats. The beer selection is among the best of this group. Since MGM Grand is one of the busiest casinos on the Vegas Strip you should probably make a reservation if you’re more than two people. The downside is that there may be a minimum required for football and big events since there are so many people at the casino.

Tilted Kilt - The Linq (Promenade) & Twin Peaks - Harmon Corner (next to Planet Hollywood)

These “breastaurant” chains offer similar experiences that you’ll find at their other locations - that’s a benefit if you’re a fan of either restaurant. The biggest upside is that each location has plenty of seating and new TVs. The biggest downside is that you’re about a 5-minute walk from the nearest sportsbook at The Linq and Planet Hollywood, respectively. Large parties should definitely make a reservation.

Topgolf (MGM Grand)

The new kid on the block is like a playground for sports fans. You have TV’s everywhere, a giant living room to watch the games on massive screens, Topgolf driving range games, multiple bars, video poker, a variety of bar games like cornhole and even a sportsbook window during the big games to place your wagers. Topgolf rules with or without football but you can multiply that excitement by 10 when the games are on.

Honorable Mention

Lagasse’s Stadium (Palazzo)

Lagasse’s Stadium is a groundbreaking sportsbook. This was the first combination of sportsbook, restaurant, and bar. The main screens are fairly old and you'll always need a reservation for football and large events. You'll often be required to spend a minimum with your reservation. Lagasse's Stadium deserves respect for being the first sportsbook of its kind, however, you may want to look elsewhere if viewing is your number one priority.

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