Columnist: Argument against bill C-290 'a weak one'

Nov 24, 2012 |
With national media outlets like the CBC reporting merely one side of the bill C-290 debate on single-game wagering in Canada, it’s important to point out there are some media members taking a more common sense approach.

Ottawa Citizen columnist James Gordon is one of them. Here’s what he wrote in his Nov. 9 column 'Leagues bet on delusion when it comes to gambling’.

Gordon went on to say: “The assertion that allowing people to bet on one sports outcome instead of three will result in an epidemic of corruption that will skew game results on a wide scale is a weak one.”

It’s a good point and one that isn’t being talked about in the Canadian media in much depth compared to the flow of coverage against the bill from agencies like the CBC.

The reason this bill was unanimously passed with ease in the first place is because sports betting is already legal in Canada. Making the change to single-game wagering was a no-brainer for elected Members of Parliament and they are correct in refusing to buy the fiction spewed by the leagues that this will mean the end of integrity in professional sports. Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson reiterated that fact when he met with the Conservative Senate caucus last week and reminded them this bill has the full support of the House of Commons.

This topic is expected to pick up the debate in the Senate this week.  

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