Betting industry beat: NFL finally here. And it's tough

Sep 12, 2013 |
By: Jon Campbell
It's the best time of year in sports betting - one week into the NFL season - and already the Las Vegas Hotel SuperContest has reminded us what we forgot since the Super Bowl: Capping ain't easy.

Only three contestants of the more than 1,000 entrants in the SuperContest went a perfect 5-0 against the spread last week.

That's a low number considering this competition includes tons of pros and many more sports bettors serious enough to pony up $1,500 to enter.

There were 111, by my quick count meanwhile, who had zero wins.

The next most staggering number I read this week was that the NFL Network's RedZone channel now has nearly 72 million subscribers according to Neilson estimates, an increase of 17 percent from last year. That's nine times bigger than when it started in 2009.  

If you're betting NFL and you don't have the RedZone channel, you obviously hate yourself. It is probably the greatest thing to happen to sports television since the instant replay.

If you're not familiar, it's like giving the remote to a trusted friend who's better with it than you are and has a better cable package than you do.

Take a week off from betting if you need to in order to purchase it and thank me later.

Quick hitters

The online gambling market is projected to be worth over $170 billion by 2018 according to Companies & Markets research.

The insane growth of fantasy football in one chart

A firm says online gambling accounts for half of Bitcoin's transactions and ATMs that offer Bitcoins are coming to Canada this fall

Paddy Power and Dennis Rodman are hosting a basketball event in North Korea. Obviously.

ICYMI: My review on CNBC reality special Money Talks on Las Vegas telemarketer pick seller Steve Stevens/Darin Notaro. The show fell flat in the ratings.

Whacky weather in Las Vegas this week. Heavy rains and the temperatures dropped to 69 degrees on Wednesday. "It marked the first time in a record 106 days – since May 28 – that the mercury had dropped below 70 degrees," said the LV Sun. "The previous record for consecutive days at or above 70 degrees was 99 days, June 10 through Sept. 16, 2007."

Two bits of news on gambling movies this week: Poker movie Runner Runner premiers Sept. 18 and Mark Wahlberg is rumored to be the new lead in a remake of The Gambler. 

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