Employer of man arrested for 'courtsiding' denying any wrongdoing

Jan 16, 2014 |
The employers of a British man arrested at the Australian Open for 'courtsiding' are adamant that he or they had not broken the law in Melbourne.

Sporting Data Limited, a Surrey-based private sports betting company, accused Victoria Police of misusing new legislation brought in to help the fight against corruption in sport, when they arrested 22-year-old Daniel Dobson Tuesday at the first Grand Slam of the year.

Dobson appeared in court Thursday to face a charge that he engaged in conduct that corrupts or would corrupt the betting outcome of an event. It is alleged he used an electronic device stitched into his shorts to transmit scores secretly from courtside to help gambling associates beat delays in television coverage.

Dobson's lawyer said he was just sending data to an international betting company to help it set odds as matches progressed. The case was adjourned and Dobson was warned to stay away from the Australian Open.

There is no evidence linking Dobson, who could face 10 years in jail, or his employers to the more serious charge of match fixing.

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