Lights go out in New Orleans; business as usual in Vegas

Feb 3, 2013 |
The lights went out at Super Bowl XLVII, but it was business as usual for the sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

“Not the worst place to kick back and have another beer and chill out,” says Jay Rood of the MGM sportsbook.

It was also business as usual for veteran oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro of William Hill sportsbooks.

“There will be no threat of us seizing action unless the game is moved to Tulane,” Vaccaro joked.

"We ended up taking alot more on the third-quarter betting line especially," says Aron Black of Bet365. "The lights out at first was no mover, but as it went longer we moved to SF, not major, but it could only really help them to forget the TD return to start the half and maybe calm some guys down."

However, the power outage may have conjured up old memories for betting victims of “The Night the Lights Went out in Vegas.” Of course, we’re referencing the UNLV/Wisconsin college football game played August 31, 2002. If you can recall, a blackout caused the game to be called with just over seven minutes remaining after Wisconsin built a 27-7 lead, infuriating its backers. The Badgers were 5-points favorites and books were overwhelmed with Wisconsin money.

Both oddsmakers recall the gambling controversy in 2002 and Vaccaro described it as “a pain in the ass.”

Rood said that game was actually going to be a win at MGM, so it was overblown.

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