Four tied for LVH SuperContest lead heading into Week 6

Oct 9, 2012 |
The weekly LVH SuperContest is in full swing as a record total of 745 competitors are vying for the first prize of $447,000.

The popular annual Las Vegas prediction contest is run out of the LVH Superbook (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) and challenges entrants to pick five NFL game ATS every week, accumulating points throughout the NFL season.

One point is awarded for each correct pick and a half-point for a push, for a maximum of five points a week. That’s a max of 85 points over the 17-week NFL season.

Through five weeks three entrants – screen names Operation High Stakes, Etown and FrancoSports.Com - are each 18-7, and The Nuts is along for the ride at 17-6-2. It’s probably little solace to Motorboatin SOBs and Nastradamus, who are tied for last place with 6.5 points, that it’s just as hard to pick losers as it is to determine the ATS winner.

This past week contestants hit hard on Cincinnati (225 of the 745 entrants had the Bengals), Pittsburgh (217) and New Orleans (205). But the big three had mixed results as only the Saints were able to cover the number.

There are a couple of big catches to anyone wanting to enter the contest. First off, you have to sign up in person before the season. And while weekly picks can’t be made on line, entrants can email or phone their picks to a proxy, who can make the selections in person after the odds are posted on Wednesdays. For a price, proxies can be hired to schlep to the LVH and record the picks.

Last year year’s winner used the screen name Sans Sourci and was actually a combination of four Vegas locals. They split the top prize of $320,200 after pooling their knowledge and putting up 60.5 points with a 58-22-5 record. This year the group is under water at 11-14 after a 2-3 Week 5.

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