Streak Survivor user hits 17th straight pick, wins $1,000

Jul 3, 2013 |
Streak Survivor user kasnut1 hit on their 17th straight pick Tuesday night and is the winner of $1,000.

Not only will kasnut1 earn the first cash prize of the contest with win No. 17 but they also inch closer to prizes of $25,000 (21 straight wins) and $100,000 (25 straight wins) if they can expand their streak.

Kasnut1 correctly picked the Los Angeles Angels over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Halos prevailed by a score of 5-1.

Also, h2otwnjinny has moved their streak to 16 games and is just one victory from the $1,000 prize.

H2otwnjinny has a play in for Wednesday and has chosen the Detroit Tigers over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Check out Streak Survivor to follow kasnut1's or h2otwnjinny's next crucial play and start your own winning survivor streak.

Good luck!

All rules can be found here.

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