NBA fantasy contest back this week with more prizes

Jan 22, 2013 |
For the second week in a row, DraftKings returns with its NBA fantasy contest to offer to users of Covers.

Last week, every single entrant except for four at least doubled their money and the first place winner walked away with $500. Not bad for an $11 investment. It’d be crazy not to give this a shot, especially with the great value being offered. 

As a bonus to Covers readers, DraftKings is throwing an extra $500 to the prize pool for no additional cost. DraftKings is 100 percent legal and a great way to get in on the action. Playing on DraftKings is similar to season-long fantasy in that you accumulate points based on how the players you draft perform in real life. 

There are, however, a number of key differences. Daily fantasy allows you to draft a new team every time you wish to play. For example, when drafting an NBA team, the players could be completely different when you play tonight versus next Friday.  Each player has a cost value, and your goal is to draft the best fantasy team possible while staying under the universal $50,000 cap.

Once the games start, DraftKings has easy-to-follow live scoring so you can easily follow your players, watch your team accrue points, and see where you land by contest’s end. If you win, you're paid out—it's that simple.

The exclusive DraftKings contest can be found here. The guaranteed payouts have increased significantly with no extra risk or entry fee. Buy-in is only $11, and the contest will be capped at 150 participants to start. First place will walk away with $400 and the top 50 finishers will be in the money.
The entry fee and prizes are small to start, but with enough participation DraftKings will increase both significantly. Don't miss out. 

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