Betting industry beat: 'Don't you dare bet on sports'

Jun 14, 2013 |
By: Jon Campbell
Every once in a while a column comes along that aptly expresses the boiling frustrations of sports bettors when it comes to the issue of legalization. 

This week it came from a newspaper in Eastern Connecticut - The Day - out of New London.

With a circulation of less than 100,000, it might not be the first place you'd look for this kind of thing, but Mike DiMauro absolutely nailed it in his piece Don't you dare bet on sports... or else.

He continues:

DiMauro's frustration stems from recent approval to allow Keno lottery terminals throughout the state in attempts to bring in revenue. Keno. The most degenerate, impossible-to-win, form of gambling there is. But not sports betting. That's for the unsavory.

Other notes from around the sports betting Industry this week:

The fight for single-game wagering in Canada is in the third period with time winding down. A new site has been started with a petition to sign. A rally is also being held in Windsor, Ontario Friday morning. If the Senate doesn't rubber stamp Bill C-290 by the end of the month, it's back to Square 1 for those hoping for single-game betting in Canada,

The state of New Jersey and the U.S. Department of Justice have filed their briefs in the New Jersey sports betting case.

More to come in this case later this month also:

And an important tip for those in the sports betting industry running social media accounts:

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