The name game: Bet on Dwight Howard's new nickname

Oct 14, 2012 |
The biggest splash of the NBA offseason was made by All-Star center Dwight Howard, who was dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers in a multi-team trade that bumped L.A. back to the top of the NBA futures odds.

With a new home and a new team, Howard is also looking for a new nickname, dropping his “Superman” moniker to further himself from the comparisons to former Orlando-to-L.A. center Shaquille O’Neal. Howard is turning the decision over to the fans, asking them to vote for his new nickname. has odds on Howard’s new nickname, setting “IronMan” as a +700 favorite. However, former Lakers forward A.C. Green has claimed that nickname after playing a record 1,192 consecutive games.

Here’s a look at the options and the odds for D12’s new handle:

IronMan +700
Kryptonite +1,200
The Punisher +350
Elongated Man +1,200
The Block Mamba +1,500
Houdini Howard +1,500
Dwight The Height +1,500
Big Night Dwight +1,500
BoardZilla +1,200
Dwight Fu +1,500
KaSlaam +1,500
Hang 12 +600

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