Single-game wagering dies on the table in Canada's Senate

Jun 28, 2013 |
The dream of legalized, single-game wagering in Canada is no more. At least for now.

Inaction in the Canadian Senate on Bill C290 - the name of the act that would amend the Criminal Code to permit single-game wagering - before Senators take summer recess means the bill dies on the table.

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) expressed frustration via a press release Friday.

Bill C290 is the first bill to have been denied by the Senate after receiving unanimous support in the House of Commons. The bill was also backed by nine of Canada's 10 provinces.

More than $18 billion has been wagered illegally in Canada since Bill C290 entered the Senate in March of 2012, according to, .

Rutsey goes on to add, "So while they waste time questioning whether or not people should gamble - a question that has been asked and answered decades ago - we watch more money leave the country, which means more Canadians are engaging in risky and unsafe behavior. I remain shocked that the Senate doesn't consider this an issue worth its attention."

Rutsey and the CGA vow to continue their push to legalize single-game wagering, stating "Unlike the Senators, we will not stop working during the summer".

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