Nevada sportsbooks celebrate another record year in 2012

Feb 8, 2013 |
A big finish to 2012 helped Nevada sportsbooks set a state record for the amount of money wagered for a third straight year.

According to the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, $3.4 billion was wagered on sports in Nevada last year, breaking 2011’s record-setting handle of $2.8 billion.

“I think (the increase in handle) has to do with the convenience of it all now, with the new technology and ways to wager,” Mike Lawton, senior research analyst for the Gaming Control Board, told Covers.

Nevada sportsbooks earned a total of $170 million in 2012 – the second-highest win amount in the history of the state. Sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip won more than $85 million with almost $36 million coming from football wagering alone. As for the state, Nevada won $68.45 million on NFL and college football in 2012

Nevada sportsbooks earned $27.2 million on football wagering in December, a huge improvement from the $5.2 million lost in November and the $6.2 million dropped in October. From September to December, they won more than $59 million on football wagering alone – thanks in part to massive September football earnings of $43.5 million.

Basketball betting (NBA and college basketball) earned $47.9 million for Nevada books in 2012, a two percent decrease from 2011. Basketball won $2.35 million in December, a jump from the $1.56 million earned in November.

Baseball wagering won $30.1 million for Nevada books, an increase of more than 53 percent from 2011, with $8.65 million coming during the postseason in October.

Nevada books earned $13.6 million on parlay cards in 2012, a drop of almost 23 percent compared to the previous year. Parlay cards, which stung Nevada books for -$1.25 million in November, raked in $2.8 million in December.

The outlining sports, categorized as “other”, made more than $10 million in 2012 but finished on a down note in December, costing Nevada sportsbooks $826,000.

Overall, Nevada books earned $30.24 million in December – a big change from the $8.17 million lost in November.

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