Nevada sportsbooks lose $5.3 million to football bettors in November

Jan 10, 2013 |
Nevada sportsbooks continued to take a beating from football bettors in November, losing $5.3 million on NFL and college football.

That blow is a bit softer than the $6.2 million books dropped on football wagers in October and, according to the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, is a difference of more than 151 percent compared to football earnings in November 2011.

Books on the Las Vegas Strip avoided a loss, taking in $1.12 million from football bettors with a hold percentage of 0.62 in November. That’s an improvement from the $4.5 million lost on football the previous month.

However, sportsbooks in the Boulder Strip area weren’t so lucky, losing $3.4 million on football with a -5.15 hold percentage. Books in Washoe County, which includes Reno and Sparks, suffered a loss of just over $1 million on football in November.

Silver State sportsbooks lost $1.25 million on parlay card action in November with a hold of -9.51 percent. That's a big change from the parlay card winnings in October, which brought $2.4 million into Nevada books.

Over the past three months, Nevada sportsbooks have won almost $32 million on football alone, thanks to a strong September that took in $43.5 million from pigskin bettors.

According to the Gaming Control Board, Nevada sportsbooks earned $1.56 million on basketball (the reports do not separate NBA from NCAAB) in November, and paid out $3.7 million in baseball wagers (books weren’t taking in any action with the MLB season over, just paying out). Books earned $8.65 million on baseball in October.

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