Will Hill takes 'modest' five-figure loss on Obama win

Nov 7, 2012 |
A William Hill betting shop client who two days ago placed a bet of £30,000 on Barack Obama to win the U.S. Presidential Election will collect £67,500, according to a press release from the UK-based bookmaker.

Another client, from Thailand who staked $30,000 U.S. is also a winner, as is the Russian who staked £13,600 on Obama - but the customer who risked £25,000 on a Mitt Romney victory wasn't so fortunate.

“We took over £1million worth of bets on the US Election for the first time and suffered a relatively modest five figure loss thanks to Barack Obama's supporters,” said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. “If nothing else, this election has proved that the bookies are a better guide to the outcome of the election than the pollsters who had it a far closer race than we did.”

William Hill
opened the Democrats and Republicans with an equal chance to win the 2016 election, pitting them both at 11/10 odds.

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