NASCAR leads the way for leagues when it comes to gambling

Jul 18, 2013 |
By: Jon Campbell
Over the years, Covers has had the door slammed in its face by every major pro and college sports league more times than a door-to-door vacuum salesman.

Whenever we've sought a comment for a story, we've been treated like a mirage - the same way the leagues approach gambling in general. 

All except for one, that is: NASCAR.

NASCAR actually reached out to us a few years ago to give us access to their media site and to let us know we could contact them whenever we needed anything.

The public relations guy I spoke to told me NASCAR gets it. People bet. They like to bet on their favorite sports to add a little more fun and maybe win some cash too.

Now NASCAR is becoming the first major pro sports league to offer a slot machine and an officially licensed gaming machine.

The game “gives each player the opportunity to essentially become the driver" where players race on a simulated Daytona Speedway.

There's a “a life-changing progressive award” starting at $750,000 so if you like the slots, keep an eye for the game at a casino near you.

New hot spot for pony players

There could be a new vacation destination for horse players - Hong Kong. Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), the only legal gambling institution there, has reported wagers of HK$93.8 billion (US$12bn) on 83 horse racing meets in the fiscal year ending June 30. That beats Nevada by 19 percent.

Odds & ends

What's your favorite sportsbook? Bet you don't like it as much as this guy likes Pinnacle.

America's first strip club in a casino opens next month in Atlantic City.

The head of the Nevada Gaming Control Board is retiring

Lawyer Alan Koslow says we could see a decision in the New Jersey sports betting case before Labor Day.

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