FBI claim three Knicks fixed games in 1981-82

Sep 15, 2013 |
We know that the NBA had a bit of a coke problem in the last-1970s and early-1980s, but a recent story published in the New York Post sheds new light on that era.

According to the article, members of the New York Knicks fixed games during the 1981-82 season as a favor to their drug dealer who was a big-time sports bettor.

Per the article:

The drug dealer in question was known to bet around $300 per game, but in January of 1982, that figure rose to $10,000 per game and he had cashed in on six of seven wagers at that sum.

Michael Ray Richardson, who was banned by the NBA in 1986 after violating the league's drug policy three times, vehemently denies any point-shaving allegations.

The probe lasted all the way into 1986 where it was believed that the aforementioned dealer was conspiring with multiple teams.

There was no physical evidence and no confessions made and the case was closed in '86.

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