LVH releases MLB win totals

Feb 19, 2012 |
LVH releases MLB win totals
A healthy Stephen Strasburg has Nats bettors thinking big
A healthy Stephen Strasburg has Nats bettors thinking big
The LVH SuperBook on Sunday became the first Vegas sportsbook to release MLB win totals, and no team drew more immediate action than the Nationals.

Washington opened at 82.5 wins and was quickly bet up to 84.5.

“People really like this team,” assistant book manager Chris Bennett said, noting some analysts are picking the Nationals to win the wild card. “The No. 1 reason is Stephen Strasburg. Then they added Gio Gonzalez, Edwin Jackson, they’ve got Jordan Zimmermann. Their starting pitching looks by far the best it’s ever been.

“It’s a tough division, but this is clearly the best Nationals team they’ve ever had.”

Bettors also pounced on the Twins under, dropping their total from 75 to 73.

Atlantis casino in Reno was first up with MLB win totals for the sixth straight year. Earlier Sunday, BetOnline became the first offshore book to release them.

BetOnline opened Washington at 81 (-120 under) and remained there -- 3.5 wins lower than LVH – Sunday night.

There were other big differences, too.

LVH opened the Phillies at 92.5 and moved them to 93. BetOnline had the Phillies at 95.5. LVH pegged the Angels at 92.5, three wins higher than BetOnline. And LVH listed the Red Sox at 89.5, two wins higher than BetOnline.

LVH offers -110 on its totals and is taking maximum bets of $1,000.

MLB season win totals from LVH SuperBook

Arizona Diamondbacks: 86
Atlanta Braves: 87.5, moved to 87
Baltimore Orioles: 69.5
Boston Red Sox: 89.5
Chicago Cubs: 74.5
Chicago White Sox: 74
Cincinnati Reds: 86.5
Cleveland Indians: 86.5
Colorado Rockies: 82, moved to 81
Detroit Tigers: 92.5
Florida Marlins: 84.5
Houston Astros: 64.5, moved to 64
Kansas City Royals 80.5
Los Angeles Angels: 92.5
Los Angeles Dodgers: 81
Milwaukee Brewers: 83.5
Minnesota Twins: 75, moved to 73
New York Mets: 70.5
New York Yankees: 93.5
Oakland A’s: 71
Philadelphia Phillies: 92.5, moved to 93
Pittsburgh Pirates: 73
San Diego Padres: 73.5
San Francisco Giants: 87.5
Seattle Mariners: 72
St. Louis Cardinals: 82.5, moved to 83
Tampa Bay Rays: 87
Texas Rangers: 91.5
Toronto Blue Jays: 80
Washington Nationals: 82.5, moved to 84.5

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