Super Bowl prop bettors cash big on Giants' safety

Feb 5, 2012 |
If you had the New York Giants scoring a safety on the first scoring play of the Super Bowl, you got your wagering evening off on the right foot.

Backed up deep in their own territory on their first possession of the game, the Patriots gave up a safety when Tom Brady took an intentional grounding penalty while throwing out of his own end zone.

Books had a safety as the first scoring play priced anywhere from +5,000 - +7,500.

NBC's Darren Rovell tweeted that took a $200 bet on safety being first score at +7,500, paying out at $15,000.

Meanwhile, at the MGM Grand, one bettor cashed in $50,000 on a $1,000 wager that a safety would be the first scoring play.

Bettors who bet there would be a safety at any point in the game scored with tickets around +700.

Giants wideout Victor Cruz scored the game's first touchdown on the following drive, giving the Giants a 9-0 lead. He was priced at -120 to get into the end zone.

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