Sports betting beat: The latest industry news

Jun 1, 2013 |
By: Jon Campbell
Sports betting beat: The latest industry news
A Senatorial spending scandal has given new life to bill C290.
A Senatorial spending scandal has given new life to bill C290.
Sports bettors north of the border have been on an emotional see-saw ride going back to last year and it seems momentum has swayed back in the favor of the wagering public recently in regards to bill C290.

It took a Senatorial spending scandal to do it, but we’ll take what we can get when it comes to progress on the legalization of sports betting, in this case legal single-game wagering in Canada.

If you haven’t been following, senators need only to rubber stamp the bill after it was passed unanimously in the House of Commons. Victory seemed at hand but feet-dragging and fear mongering from the major pro sports leagues and a small number of Members of Parliament seemed to doom the bill on the table.

Cue some highly questionable spending habits from a small handful of senators and there is suddenly new optimism the bill might pass after all.

Government Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton is reported to make an effort to fast track some private members’ bills in the Senate in an effort to extend an olive branch to the elected government. The last thing the Prime Minister wants is to be taking heat for senators, who are already largely viewed by most working Canadians as an opulent waste of taxpayers’ money.

The news highlights what is the most exciting time we’ve ever seen in sports betting.

Legalization efforts are being pushed across the continent, led by New Jersey in the United States. And bettors have more safe, reputable options than ever before to bet on more sports in more ways than maybe we could have even imagined as recently as a decade ago.

We, at Covers, truly believe we are on the brink of a new era in transparency and legality in sports betting and it is only a matter of time before that happens.

In light of that, each week I’ll be writing about the latest buzz, quirks and controversy in the sports betting industry to keep you in the loop in a quick-hitting read you can scan over in the time it takes for an NBA playoff game to return from commercial. 

Here’s what’s been going on over roughly the past week or so:

Bad news for sports bettors in Nevada. The State Assembly voted unanimously to ban sports betting kiosks from neighborhood  casinos, taverns and bars. William Hill is considering its options after investing on this side of the sports betting biz when it entered the Nevada market last year.

On a more positive note for Will Hill, they had their grand opening of their slick new sportsbook at the Grand Sierra on Friday. On another not so positive note, more headlines arose this past week in Cantor’s lawsuit against them

The next hearing in the ongoing sports betting case in New Jersey has been postponed because of a serious and unfortunate bicycle accident of all things. You can follow our coverage of the case on our new Rebelmouse page.

One lucky player at BetOnline cashed out a $17,000, 25-team parlay on a $300 bet this week.

The latest in the ongoing wrangling over sports betting in Australia has resulted in a public apology from bookmaker Tom Waterhouse.

India has a sports betting battle of its own brewing over legalization.

Sports wagering was a hot topic at the International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking this past week. ESPN's Chad Millman, among others spoke. touched on the event in this cool column on the evolution of sports betting.

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