Optimism single-game wagering will pass in Canada

Dec 7, 2012 |
The National Post, one of Canada's two national newspapers, published a poignant, common-sense column by its editorial board this week, throwing its support behind bill C-290 and single-game wagering.

"Senators should pass this legislation. This is not a suitable hill for them to die upon. But even if C-290 doesn’t pass, there will still be a strong case to allow single-match betting in Canada: Quite simply put, there is no compelling case against it," the paper wrote.

The Senate will make the final vote on whether to approve C-290 in the coming days, the last major hurdle in legalizing single-event wagering in Canada.

Recently, there had been major doubt the bill would pass in the Senate, thanks to misguided and hypocritical viewpoints presented from the major pro sports leagues. But a monumental speech delivered by the Hon. Bob Runciman in the Senate last week seems to have swayed opinions. The speech has breathed life back into the bill and "general opinion has swung positive that it will pass," says one Covers source.

Which, as the National Post noted, is the way it should be. The Senate has never, in Canada's 145-year history, voted down legislation that was unanimously passed in the House of Commons, as C-290 was.

"...if the unelected Senate, which is expected to reject the bill, is to take a more activist role in nixing flawed legislation passed through an elected house — there is no shortage of such legislation unfortunately — this seems a rather odd place to start, especially since the stakes seem so low."

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