The 11 hottest ladies competing in 2010 Winter Olympics

Feb 14, 2010 |
The 11 hottest ladies competing in 2010 Winter Olympics

Have you ever seen the movie Shallow Hal?

It’s about a guy, played by Jack Black, who has a problem with judging women strictly on their physical appearances. Through a mind trick, he learns to see them for their inner beauty and begins to appreciate things like personality, heart and empathy.

I, however, have no such problem: I am perfectly fine with judging a woman on nothing other than her physical appearance.

And with the Winter Olympics now here, the good people at Covers asked me to do a little “research” to come up with a list of the 11 hottest women of these Olympics.

What better place to find a world class body than on a world class athlete? Just remember -- I don’t care if she runs an orphanage or nurses sick puppies. What really matters is how fast these hotties will melt the ice in Vancouver.

11. Andrea Henkel, Biathlon, German:

OK, I will be the first to admit, Henkel does look a little more like the girl next door than a super model, but part of her appeal is the fact that she seems almost attainable.

Even better, her event requires her to shoot a gun. If a loaded weapon doesn’t automatically make a woman 100 times sexier than I don’t know what does. To top it off, she’s German, which means she can hold her beer, too. Guns and booze? That’s a recipe for success with any girl.

10. Alexandra Jekova, Snowboarding, Bulgaria:

Some people from the western part of the world are a little skeptical of European women because of stereotypes of excessive body hair. Well let me be the first to tell you, that after ample evaluation of all of Ms. Jekova’s pictures I can find, she should have no such issues.

If she looks familiar, it's because she was Bulgaria's flag bearer for the opening ceremony for this year's Games.

This board bunny is one of the hottest things on the slopes and look for her to make headlines this year. Now if only we can get her to wear that headband during her runs…

9. Torah Bright, Snowboarding, Australia:

This master of the halfpipe makes you wonder what it really is like Down Under. Bright, who usually wears her hair darker, also is a ringer for Kate Beckinsale, one of my personal favorites and not a bad beauty to be compared with at all.

She finished sixth at the Winter Olympics in Torino and she's a medal threat in the superpipe in Vancouver.

8. Kim Yu-Na, Figure Skater, South Korea:

The 19-year-old beauty is a master on the ice and has the ability to hold the attention of both the women and the men in the room when she unveils her slick moves. Her slim frame helps enable her to pull off incredible combinations. She's the most accomplished hottie to make our list. I could list off all of her records but it'd take 500 words. Just check out her page on Wikipedia.

7. Katie Uhlaender, Skeleton, American:

Many more fans have been all over fellow American skeleton competitor Noelle Pikus-Pace, but let me stand up for the talented Uhlander. She certainly can fill out a skin-tight uniform, and who says blonds always get to have more fun? I may not know much about Skeleton, but I do know that I have a bone or two for her.

She got medical clearance to compete in the 2009-10 Skeleton World Cup after she shattered her kneecap in a snowmobile accident.  

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