Influence from players' wives worry Senator on C-290

Nov 30, 2012 |
Famed former NHL coach and Canadian Senator Jacques Demers took the debate for single-game wagering to a place we haven't heard before on Thursday during the third reading and debate for bill C-290.

The Hon. Demers wondered aloud if the move to single-game betting from parlay betting would leave the sport more susceptible to match fixing because of, ahem, players' wives.

"I am not trying to be sexist — I am just saying it because I was there — but there are women who want to live the same lifestyle in the same house," he said while addressing the Hon. Bob Runciman. "They are all together and there is the player's wife who lives in a $2-million or $3-million house. It puts a lot of pressure on the player who is not making that kind of money. Was there any concern about that, that with one game someone would have easier access to fix a game?"

As the Hon. Runciman addressed in his speech on Thursday, the arguments just don't add up when it comes to the logic against legalizing single-game wagering.

Bill C-290 is in the midst of the third and final reading in the Senate. Though it passed unanimously through the House of Commons, there is recent doubt Senators will vote to push it through. If it doesn't pass, it would mark the first time in Canada's 145-year history the Senate has shot down legislation that was unanimously passed in the House of Commons.

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