Major team owners and their sports betting ties

Dec 18, 2012 |
In the midst of the New Jersey sports betting case, where the NCAA and the major pro sports leagues are suing the state of New Jersey to halt its intent to grant sports betting licenses, Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association chief Joe Brennan Jr. posed a poignant question on Twitter.

He asked:

It’s a timely question, considering the outlandish recent claims made by NBA commissioner David Stern that the state of New Jersey was trying to "victimize" the billion-dollar power that is the NBA. Stern suggested that legalizing gambling in New Jersey would tarnish the sport and lead to “prostitution, absenteeism, loansharking, and alcoholism.” 

Yet it would appear certain owners don’t have a problem with it, if you’re the type who believes actions speak louder than words. Brennan pointed out the North American owners who also own English Premier League soccer teams, which use sportsbook partnerships as a key source of revenue.

Just this summer, Manchester United signed a deal with Bwin for exclusive sponsorship rights. It's just another example of how sports and betting can coexist cohesively - as well as another example of hypocrisy when it comes to the leagues' arguments against legalized sports betting.

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