Leagues to judge: People don't gamble on our fantasy sports

Dec 7, 2012 |
Lawyers for the four major pro sports leagues and the NCAA, who are suing New Jersey to block legalized sports betting in that state, "filed a blistering 92-page response to a federal judge on Friday" according to this report by John Brennan in Northjersey.com.

The leagues filed suit against the state in August and, in short, are now saying attorneys for the state are giving them the runaround.

"The leagues’ attorneys described the state’s own request two weeks ago for summary judgment," says the report, "– partly on grounds that the federal law is said to be unconstitutional – as an attempt to burden the leagues during 'the limited time in which we have to respond' to the state’s additional paperwork opposing the league’s motion."

“'Defendants have submitted a wildly excessive statement of purported material ‘facts’ that extends far beyond the bounds of zealous advocacy,' the attorneys wrote, 'while disputing dozens of the state’s proposed list of facts.'"

The leagues went on to say that playing fantasy sports - which the leagues themselves promote - really isn't a form of gambling as New Jersey's attorneys have claimed.

“Fantasy sports operated or promoted by Plaintiffs do not constitute sports wagering, as they do not – contrary to Defendants’ assertion – ‘involve putting money at stake on actual game performances that are subject to chance, with a financial prize going to the winner.’”

Um, yeah. As the saying goes, tell it to the judge.

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