Books set Saints-Broncos total at season-high number

Oct 22, 2012 |
They float in the sky like a parade of hot air balloons, totals numbers that continue to rise almost weekly. O/U numbers in the 50s, once considered the unicorns of the business, now are commonplace.

It all started back in Week 1, when courageous books took one look at the New Orleans-Washington game, gulped hard and crossed the 50-point barrier. Drew Brees and Robert Griffin III took their own looks, had a good laugh and proceeded to move their teams up and down the field. By the first minute of the fourth quarter the number had been obliterated, and by the time the battlefield smoke had cleared, the two teams had put up a combined total of 72 points.

Since then books haven’t been shy about posting number at 50 or beyond. In fact, in every week this season (except Week 6) there has been at least one line of 50 points or greater. And this coming Sunday the Saints and Broncos will be gunning at a 54.5 total, the highest consensus O/U this season.

Will the 54.5 on the New Orleans/Denver game be the high-water mark for the season? Only time will tell. But keep an eye on Week 13, when the Giants and Redskins hook up again (in Landover) and the Saints are at Atlanta.

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