NBA betting: Examining home/away ATS differentials

Some NBA teams play the best at home while some can only seem to get it done away from the office, here is a look at some of the biggest gaps between home and away value based on this year's ATS records to date.

Toronto Raptors (2-7 home, 5-4 away)

The Toronto Raptors just haven't been able to get it done at the ACC in the early stages of 2013. Playing in the laughable Atlantic Division the Raptors are just 2-7 ATS at home. Things have been better away with a 5-4 record, but the Raptors do have their problems on the road as well so they are by no means a lock at any venue in the NBA this season, if you were to pick them to cover on the road would be the spot to do it.

The Raptors play the Lakers on the road Sunday, with Toronto boasting former USC Trojan and Compton native DeMar DeRozan, there could be value in a Sunday Raptors play.

Los Angeles Lakers (7-2-1 home, 5-4 away)

Toronto's opponent on Sunday, the Lakers are even better ATS at home then the Raptors are on the road despite not being able to carry the same ATS reputation on the road Los Angeles is money at the Staples Center. 7-2-1 without Kobe Bryant in the lineup, Lakers' backers have been rewarded for having faith in a team missing their star. All of that can change with Kobe back in the lineup, if the Black Mamba is rusty and the lines go more in the Lakers favor it could plummet back to earth.

Phoenix Suns (5-3-1 home, 9-2 away)

The rebuilding Suns have been one of the best ATS teams in the league, but they are the most solid away from the desert. A 5-3-1 home record is good, but 9-2 ATS on the road is nearly as good as you can get. It is so good it likely won't last forever, especially once the rebuilding Suns get tired of being out of the playoff race.

Atlanta Hawks (7-3 home, 6-5 away)

Despite their reputation for having low fan support, the Atlanta Hawks have been solid as hosts in the first months of the season. 7-3 at home, the Hawks are a just over .500 team ATS away from Atlanta. Perhaps it is the city nightlife that is giving the Hawks an advantage.

Charlotte Bobcats (5-6 home, 7-1-1 away)

A trend that has been so good for so long and is probably going to be ending with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's broken hand, the Charlotte Bobcats stellar away record. The Bobcats have only lost money once away from North Carolina, but without their promising guard that could change quickly.

Houston Rockets (7-4-1 home, 5-4 away)

Another city with an urban legend of having some great NBA nightlife, Houston are 7-4-1 home this season while holding a 5-4 ATS record on the road. The Rockets are a team on the rise and should be one of the teams in the Western Conference playoffs at the end of the season. 9-3 straight up at home I expect the Rockets value at home to continue.

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Posted by bwbucs99
2 years ago

Who cares! In the playoffs until the finals in most close series all games are won by the home team and the one with home court advantage wins 4-3.

Posted by tomnolan
2 years ago

heatthreepeat----do you comment on everything??? you seem to have a comment for everything. sometimes nothing said is much better than running your mouth!!!!!

Posted by heatthreepeat
2 years ago

OOPS..............that's 5-8 teams with winning ROAD RECORDS! Sorry!

Posted by heatthreepeat
2 years ago

Nothing here is a big deal! In the end........only about 5-8 NBA teams have winning records when the regular season ends.... These numbers will even out as the West plays MORE intra-conference games toward the end of the season, IMO! I also expect the Pacers and Heat to have better ATS records as they play more crappy Eastern teams!.
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Top Response

Posted by tomnolan
2 years ago

"heatthreepeat----do you comment on everything??? you seem to have a comment for everything. sometimes nothing said is much better than running your mouth!!!!!"

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