Patriots miracle comeback yields big payout

Stephen Gostkowski's 31-yard field goal finished off a miracle comeback as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeated the Denver Broncos 34-31 on Sunday Night Football.

The Broncos were up 24-0 early in the third quarter and seemingly en route to an easy victory before the Pats came storming back.

New England tallied 31 unanswered points before Peyton Manning connected with Demaryius Thomas to force overtime.

It was in that overtime frame where Gostkowski iced the victory for the Pats and for bettors who had New England -1.

If you were brave enough to back the Pats in live betting, you could have had a monster payout.

"The Patriots were 15/1 on Live Betting when they were trailing 24-0 early in third quarter," said Mike Perry, an oddsmaker with "We have two people who bet $500."

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Posted by philycowboyfan9
3 years ago

Its a billion dollar biz....u dont think its controled....if u owned a biz would u have controll of it....nothing is random wen it comes to money...ther not gona make lines and hope they win....not all games but some key games r def controlled.....u jus gota hope ur on the rite side of it....

Posted by h8thejuice
3 years ago

I got the Pats at +3. I saw the line move 2 points in early evening betting and my online book didn't move fast enough. I knew the sharp money was on the Pats and felt like getting 3 was an absolute gift. Even when they were down 24, I felt confident Brady would bring them back. The Vegas lines are so accurate, I never panic even when my plays are down 24 at half-time. Same is true on the other side, I never count my money until the final whistle blows.

Posted by Dot123
3 years ago

I had the Patriots in the game, so I felt extremely lucky to win and cover, especially when the crooked officiating crew refused to call another BLATANT PASS INTERFERENCE on the Broncos defender who was draped across the Patriots receiver. It is shameful how these cheats do their best to determine games, the NFL really needs to fire these cheating officials who refuse to call the blatant penalties or they risk losing all credibility.

Posted by Spitdudes
3 years ago

The NFL is most likely telling the officials what to do...and when.
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