Pittsburgh TSA workers suspended for sports betting

Several Transportation Security Administration employees at Pittsburgh International Airport have gotten into some hot water after they were caught participating in sports gambling in the work place.

As a result of an investigation, 47 workers have been suspended and 10 letters of reprimand have been issued.

Per DailyJournal.net:

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Posted by Capprofessor
3 years ago

Don't forget, these are the work-for-welfare goons that steal all of traveler's valuables. $1 squares sounds like the culture is comprised of the same folks that play dominoes for cigarettes in county jails.

Posted by mylife23
3 years ago

way to do your jobs and prob make six figures doing so...phony

Posted by ykmichael
3 years ago

Odds they'll ever catch a terrorist are about a trillion to one. Sports betting provides them with the opportunity to do something meaningful at work.

Posted by kengoone
3 years ago

friggin TSA idiots! $1 a square?
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