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Rose best in NBA? Oddsmakers value Bulls PG

Jason Logan
Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose kicked the hornet’s nest with comments this week, claiming that he’s the best player in the NBA.

Rose, who missed all of the 2012-13 season recovering from knee surgery, was asked by CNN’s Pedro Pinto who he considered the top talent in the league and Rose responded, without hesitation, "Derrick Rose".

The 2010-11 NBA MVP may have a case for himself. While oddsmakers don’t know if Rose can return to the same level as before the injury, they do estimate his worth to the Bulls’ pointspreads as high as four points. Online bookmakers pegged Rose between 2.5 to four points, which is among the top players in the NBA right now.

“Nearly an impossible question to field because he won't be worth much, in my opinion, when he does first come back because it will be a work in progress,” Michael Stewart, an oddsmaker with, told Covers. “But if you're asking what is Rose worth with all things being equal, as in when he's playing at his peak and has worked his game back into shape - three to four points. I'd probably settle on four.”

Four points is a lot considering names like Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant are estimated to be worth around two and 2.5 points to their teams’ respective spreads.

Reigning MVP LeBron James, who most consider the top player in the NBA, is projected to be worth between three and eight points, but is discounted due to his talented teammates like Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh softening the blow if James were to miss time.

Rose’s Bulls are priced at +1,000 to win the NBA Championship in 2013-14. LeBron’s Heat are +220 favorites to win their third straight title.

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Posted by Saltpetey
1 year ago

He's got no heart . He should have been playing before the playoffs started, everyone on that team was hurt. He has lots of damage to repair before he can even be mentioned in the same breath as LeBron or Kevin. I feel bad for Adidas. They hooked their wagon to the wrong horses with Rose and Howard. They're laughing their fools off over a Nike.

Posted by ianskt
2 years ago

He is running his mouth a little too early! Great player indeed but not the best. I believe he is just trying to pump up his confidence. Although early to judge but it appeared to me that this injury cost him greatly in his game's confidence. I believe he will return to a max 85% of his peak. As far as odds - I have priced Indiana-Chi and Brokk all @ 12 (decimal) in my book. I believe in IND and in teams that have proven themselves rather than ones expected to shine greatly- see Lakers last year etc. is my book if you want to check out prices and markets.

Posted by 666LES
2 years ago

Rose thought he was MVP before he was injured and while Lebron was in the league.Same logic that had Malone voted MVP while Jordan was winning Championships.How MVP was Rose when Lebron guarded him in playoffs and shut him down?

Posted by 1129ken
2 years ago

Great player who should play a few games before talking like this.
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Posted by 1129ken
2 years ago

"Great player who should play a few games before talking like this. "

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