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Jones Jr. would be short fave vs. 'Rampage' in boxing match

Jason Logan
The ongoing debate between boxing and mixed martial arts may open a new chapter with rumors that former boxing world champion Roy Jones Jr. will face MMA star Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in a boxing match before the end of 2013.

According to, the bout will take place in a Viacom/Bellator pay-per-view. The rules and weight have not been discussed.

Both men are in the twilight of their careers, with Jones Jr. beating up on cupcake foes after suffering three straight losses from 2009 to 2011 and “Rampage” signing with Bellator after losing his last three fights in the UFC.

“Honestly, what a crap fight,” MMA oddsmaker Nick Kalikas told Covers. “Both declined fighters. If Jones doesn’t out box Rampage, imagine how bad that fight will be. So really, not a good fight at all. The diehards will laugh. Even at this point, I would think you have to make Jones the slight favorite.”

Kalikas estimates Jones Jr. would be around a 3-to-1 favorite versus Jackson in a boxing match. However, if the shoe was on the other foot – and the boxing gloves swapped for 4-ounce MMA mitts – he would have to price “Rampage” around -1,100.

“Much easier line for MMA,” he says. “Maybe higher, no way Jones would stop a takedown.”

Fight fans got their first taste of boxing versus MMA when former boxing champ James Toney stepped in the Octagon with MMA veteran Randy Couture at UFC 118 in August 2010. Toney lasted just 3:19 into the first round after Couture scored a takedown 25 seconds in and controlled Toney on the ground.

Jones has long been rumored to make a jump to MMA, being talked about by former UFC middleweight belt holder Anderson Silva and UFC president Dana White in the past.

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Posted by sirrobinhood
3 years ago

roy jones has a glass jaw, and a very thin glass jaw at that. 2 fighters way on the down side, but rampage wins this fight via a quick and devistating knockout. +260 is a gift. jones only chance is running around the ring for 6-7 rounds.

Posted by humbert70
3 years ago

Jackson must be a decent boxer to have that short of odds. I know Jones Jr. is way past it, but still should be able to handle an MMAer in a boxing match.

Posted by Blacktiger
3 years ago

By boxing standards -300 is a short favorite.

Posted by esplanade
3 years ago

Since when is -300 a short favorite?
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Top Response

Posted by humbert70
3 years ago

"Jackson must be a decent boxer to have that short of odds. I know Jones Jr. is way past it, but still should be able to handle an MMAer in a boxing match."