Sports betting beat: A trial you couldn''t make up

Jon Campbell
There is a sports betting trial going on in Philly right now that is everything you hope it would be.

Eleventh hour evidence. Millions in cash buried in pipes. The accused has been dubbed the "gentleman gambler". A U.S. Attorney whose name is - ahem - Balogna.

Oh yeah, and the accused - Joseph “Joe Vito” Mastronardo Jr. - is married to the daughter of former famed mayor and police commissioner Frank Rizzo.

Mastradona and 15 others face racketeering charges surrounding an alleged gambling ring that prosecutors say used websites, phone banks and other means to handle bets across state lines and in Costa Rica.

The trial was postponed Wednesday because the prosecution only recently turned over 14 cartons of documents to the defense for some light summer reading. Balogna admitted only 10 percent of the latest evidence is new or relevant and it's on top of 100,000 pages already handed over to the defense.

The trial was originally slated to begin Sept. 23 but Judge Jan E. Dubois been postponed it to Feb. 2. The next hearing is Sept. 30.

It's just the latest example of why we need to legalize sports betting across North America.

I think we can all agree this won't do much to deter Philly bettors from finding a way to make a wager. And when you think of the tax dollars being pumped into this case it's enough to make your stomach churn.  

This just in: Nevada sportsbooks still love baseball

Whoever said betting MLB was easy must've been doing it wrong. Nevada books cleaned up in May again after a strong April according to the most up-to-date numbers from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Bettors lost $4.2 million betting on the big leagues in May after losing $6.4 million in April. The only positive for cappers is the hold was down a little from last year when the books pulled in over $12 million through the first two months of the season.

"(Baseball) Volume is up 20 percent and win is down 13 percent on lower hold than last year," Michael Lawton, Senior Research Analyst for the Gaming Control Board, told Covers. "Thus far, hold is not lower than normal (5.6%) but going up against very strong holds (for baseball) last April and May (7.7%)."

New Jersey sports betting case

Not much new on the New Jersey front since oral arguments were heard on June 26. But Christopher Soriano, who live Tweeted from that hearing, wrote this solid and easy-to-digest summary of the Third Circuit argument on PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act).

PASPA is at the center of this whole thing and it's worth a read if you're trying to get a quick understanding of what is probably the most vital sports betting case of our lifetime.

Sports betting kiosks out in Nevada

In case you missed it, many kiosks were pulled out of taverns and bars across the sports betting mecca state of America last week.

The move comes ahead of the deadline that will make kiosks illegal in the state. William Hill and Cantor made the moves in an effort to move their customers to the mobile way of life. The catch is you have to sign up for the accounts in a sportsbook, making things less convenient for some bettors.

Kiosks made up about 0.35 percent ($600,000) of the total revenue in 2012 according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Odds & ends

Frank Fahrenkopf is stepping down as the long-time serving head of the American Gaming Association.

MarathonBet signed a deal to be Fulham's kit sponsor in the EPL. Sky Bet signed with Leeds also. (NFL - are you seeing this?)

Paddy Power started a customized Facebook app with real-money betting. Will be interesting to see how this one does.

William Hill continues its expansion throughout Nevada and will have its grand opening for a new sports book at Edgewater Casino Resort in Laughlin on Wednesday.

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Posted by erratic
3 years ago

William Hill is crap... they took away the Leroy's Pro Football Contest last year when they took over so as far as I'm concerned they suck balls.

Posted by DavidGurney
3 years ago

New Jersey will show Nevada how to run sports betting-just as we showed this country how to run the lottery in 1970-by having all of our Indian -real ones,not the ones on the reservations-store owners take action on their lottery machines.

Posted by tomnolan
3 years ago

we need to legalize sports betting in new jersey and every other state who wants it. the fact that Nevada and a few other west states only have it is getting real old already!!!

Posted by HeadOverHeart
3 years ago

That Philly case is ridiculous. All unnecessary if you just legalized it. Wasted tax dollars to bust a guy taking $10 bets from blue-collar Eagles and Phillies fans. Wow. Government at its finest. What a joke. I guess the economy will have to be near-collapse until they finally change their minds on this issue and decide collecting the tax monies and regulating it all is in their better interests.
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Posted by erratic
3 years ago

"William Hill is crap... they took away the Leroy's Pro Football Contest last year when they took over so as far as I'm concerned they suck balls."