Does Spurs' Game 3 blowout guarantee NBA title?

If you like playing the odds - and you do or else you wouldn’t be reading this – you might as well cash out your crumbling 401k and put it all on the San Antonio Spurs to win the NBA Championship.

Well, maybe you shouldn’t risk your financial future on silly game but at least consider a small wager on the Spurs, who are now -160 favorites to win the NBA title after stomping the Miami Heat 113-77 in Game 3 of the NBA Finals Tuesday.

Over the past 36 NBA Finals with a series tied 1-1, the winner of Game 3 has gone on to win the title 30 out of 35 times. If that’s not enough of an eye-opener, since moving to the 2-3-2 finals format in 1985 there have been 13 series tied 1-1 after two games and the Game 3 victor has won 12 of those NBA Finals.

Oddsmakers have tagged the Spurs as 2-point home favorites in Game 4 Thursday. The Heat, who opened the series as -215 favorites, are now +130 underdogs with two more games to go in San Antonio.

The last time a team lost Game 3 and won the NBA title was 2011, when the Dallas Mavericks lost to Miami and it's "Big Three" in Game 3 of the finals but won three in a row to take the NBA Championship.

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Posted by habs420
3 years ago

2-3-2 needs to be changed to 2-2-1-1-1. Teams have chartered flights and coast to coast travel isn't nearly as tiresome as it used to be. Spurs have opportunity to win at home with only 1 road win. No sports league should offer that type of Championship scenario.

Posted by Kazual12
3 years ago


Posted by PhiFlyguys
3 years ago

"The last time a team lost Game 3 and won the NBA title was 2011, when Miami and it's "Big Three" took Game 3 but lost the NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks". - Might want to reword this one. I actually was reading about this trend before the game yesterday and i really liked it. I had the heat last night as i thought this stat worked perfectly in yesterdays situation; Heat win yesterday and go on to win the title . Obviously that didn't happen but i still think im gonna stick stick with this trend. Tough bet but i think u gotta go with the spurs here to win it all after last nights game but more importantly just being that the next two games are in San Antonio. I doubt the heat win the next two games in a row on the road but you would think they at least take one.. who knows. Either way im picturing the spurs go back to Miami with a one game lead and steal one there either in game 6 or 7 to to take the title. They all ready proved this post season that they can win on the road and more importantly in Miami so i wouldn't put it past them. Other Outcome im picturing if that scenario doesn't pan out is that the spurs take the next two and win it on there home court. Im riding this trend regardless. BOL
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