Sports betting bill passes in California

It looks like Californians are getting closer to having legalized sports betting in their state.

Senate Bill 190 passed the Senate Governmental Committee Tuesday with no votes against, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

The Bill was put together in February by Sen. Roderick Wright, D-Inglewood, and is his second attempt in two years to pass sports betting legislation.

If the bill becomes law, bettors must be 21 years old and wagers must be made in person and with cash, not on the phone or over the Internet.

What the bill won't allow is betting on California-based college teams, or college events played in the state, like the Rose Bowl and other bowl games in the state or NCAA basketball tournament games.

A date has not been set for a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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Posted by mingher
3 years ago

about time.. we are using online books and we have no idea who they really are.. this is stop on line scans and on line money transfers to our casinos and much more

Posted by torosFCP
3 years ago

Good news, so far. But soon the NFL, NBA, NHL & NCAA will step in and demand it gets shot down. This will drag on for a long time and probably has a decent chance of being shot down. Good luck though Cali! Will be watching from a distance.

Posted by mylife23
3 years ago

wasn't new jersey right on same track and then it got knocked down due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act? Wouldn't CA endure the same thing because it seems NewJersey has been at it longer than any state or at least thats what it looks like from the outside looking in... CA is in major debt so thats what it takes to legalize strapped states good stuff and good news for the future...nevertheless I've said legalize it in this country to put bookmakers out of commission...its a tired act of scumbags being able to make money on what is deemed "illegal" when it can easily be legalized and done on the up and up....because its being done anyway so the money might as well go to a better place instead of bookmakers who don't pay jack on the income...eliminate em!

Posted by mackjig
3 years ago

yeah about time way to go California now lets get this show on the road bring it on!!!!! I'm ready to place a bet now!!

Posted by tomnolan
3 years ago

about time. one by one each state is going to realize what a money maker sports betting really is. its a cash cow. come on new jersey you are next!!!
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