While you were sleeping: Catch up on MLB's best and worst bets

Jason Logan
The NBA Playoffs are over. Now what?

For sports bettors with basketball blinders on, this can be a scary time of the year. You want to keep wagering through the summer months but you haven't even made it to the seventh-inning stretch of a game yet. Don’t fret. Covers will get you up to speed on the best and worst bets from the diamond so far this season.

Best moneyline bet

Baltimore Orioles (39-30): 16.49 units

The Orioles continue to be the big breadwinners in the majors but have hit some speed bumps along the way, like their current three-game losing streak heading into Friday. Baseball bettors have been waiting for the other cleat to drop on Baltimore, which currently sits second in the American League East.

Worst moneyline bet

San Diego Padres (24-46): -17.57 units

Offense – or lack thereof – has plagued the Padres for a long time and 2012 is no exception. San Diego ranks last in the bigs in runs (3.3 per game) and rest in the basement of most hitting statistical categories. A rash of injuries to both the lineup and rotation is just throwing salt on the wound.

Best runline bet

Chicago White Sox (42-27 ATS): 20.30 units

The ChiSox are just three games above .500 (36-33) but have kept it close throughout the first half of the season. Chicago has capitalized on the 1.5-run spread – AKA the runline – scoring 4.68 runs and allowing 4.00 runs per game this season. Runline backers can thanks an impressive 19-13 road record for most of those units.

Worst runline bet

San Diego Padres (31-39 ATS): -22.98 units

Why the hell are people betting the Padres? Also burinng runline bettors are the Cleveland Indians (-17.51), Detroit Tigers (-13.57), and Colorado Rockies (-12.76).

Best over bet

Philadelphia Phillies (33-38): 44-26-1 over/under

The Phillies pitching staff is not playing up to oddsmakers standards, thanks in part to injuries to key starters like Roy Halladay. On offense, Philadelphia longs for the big bats of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.

Best under bet

Los Angeles Angels (38-32) - 25-44-1 over/under

The addition of Albert Pujols was supposed to supercharge the Halos' offense. While that hasn’t quite been the case – averaging just 4.1 runs per game – the pitching staff has done the heavy lifting. The Angels own a 3.43 team ERA, third lowest in the majors.

Top money pitcher

R.A. Dickey, New York Mets (11-1, 2.00 ERA): 11.92 units

The knuckleballer is the frontrunner for the National League Cy Young and has been nearly untouchable in recent starts. He hasn’t allowed an earned run in 41 2/3 innings, giving up just 16 hits in that span.

Worst money pitcher

Dan Haren, Los Angeles Angels (4-7, 3.97 ERA): -11.87 units

Haren can’t take all the blame for those units lost. The Angels have given the right-hander just 4.38 runs of support during his starts. Haren actually has the 20th best ERA in the AL and is 15th in strikeouts.

Top over ump

Paul Emmel: 12-1 over/under

Teams are combining for 9.77 runs per game when Emmel is behind home plate.

Top under ump

Tim Welke: 3-10 over/under

Teams are combining for 7.2 runs per game when Welke is calling balls and strikes.

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Posted by _CASTILLO_
4 years ago

Cubs -110 ganara facil hoy ...

Posted by madulamaximus
4 years ago

dry ass forum i went 0-2 .

Posted by madulamaximus
4 years ago

IN FACT!!!!! J LOGAN JUST GAVE JUNE 28TH WINNERS!!!!......BALTIMORE 1-8??......WILL WIN........LAANGELS WITH DAN HAREN????......WILL LOSE!!! TORONTO WILL WIN!!! heard it from madmax........a 2 pick.........not based on this article....pick based on my analysis that just so happens to line up with j logans findings. Baltimore is at home and losing....Baltimore has not score over 3pts in their last nine games. Cleveland pitcher is 3-1 in hs last 4 due to run support because z mcallister has been giving up about 4pts avg over last 4gms. Chen has went 3-1 in last 4gms getting only 2 !!!!!!runs of suppport 3 out of 4 of those gms. Question?.....If you had to go from point A to point B and you needed a fuel efficient vehicle to do you choose a Hummer?..........Or a Prius? Baltimore do for a breakout game their sticks are better than what their last 9 reflect. And Chen has shown that if you give hime 2 runs he can get the win.

Posted by madulamaximus
4 years ago

AGREED!!!!!!!!!!! This LVN person doesnt have a clue. An obvious loser shrouded in bafoonery. All the LMFAO....with no reason why shit is so funny. @J LOGAN.......Great to know you take pride in your work enough to enlighten a total birth defect. Cappers like myself look forward to your insightful articles and your personal responses. Its human nature to repond to someone dissing you........but let assholes eat shit.....and interact with those that have a worthy opinion no matter if that opinion is positive or negative. In closing, Lvrn Capper was not worth of your response.

Posted by fisherton
4 years ago

wow - LVRNCAPPER - what's your problem - so many haters in this world - man does your life suck that much - if you don't like the article or the covers site no-one holding a gun to your head to read it - how's this sound - get the f u c k out of here - i actually enjoyed the article & am already totally up on the baseball scene but still a good read - thanks Jason

Posted by rosshuff
4 years ago

Thank jesus for J_Logan

4 years ago

LMFAO just going down this list, like the first 9 are 1-8 LMFAO OMG This site IS GARBAGE TAKE THIS DOWN i already print screened it this is going on reddit LMFAO

Posted by J_Logan
4 years ago

These teams are all the best or worst in their particular category. There's no arguing the stats. They may not be trending toward that category right now, but that isn't the point of the article. The point of the article was to show bettors who haven't looked at MLB this year which teams have made/lost money so far this season. It isn't about the current hottest/coldest bets. How about you read the article before you LMFAO and call something GARBAGE. Go post that in your reddit.
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Posted by madulamaximus
4 years ago

" AGREED!!!!!!!!!!! This LVN person doesnt have a clue. An obvious loser shrouded in bafoonery. All the LMFAO....with no reason why shit is so funny. @J LOGAN.......Great to know you take pride in your work enough to enlighten a total birth defect. C..."