Prop Shop: 2007 Cy Young Awards

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Odds to win the American League Cy Young Award

Johan Santana +300
Chien-Ming Wang +500
Rich Harden +600
Justin Verlander +700
Daisuke Matsuzaka +700
Jon Garland +800
Roy Halladay +800
Mark Buehrle +800
Curt Schilling +900
Jeremy Bonderman +1000
Andy Pettitte +1000
Josh Beckett +1100
Ervin Santana +1100
Felix Hernandez +1500
C.C. Sabathia +1500
Jered Weaver +2000
Scott Kazmir +2500
Field (any other pitcher) +300


Odds to win the National League Cy Young Award

Chris Carpenter +500
Brandon Webb +600
Roy Oswalt +700
Carlos Zambrano +700
Chris Young +700
Ben Sheets +800
Barry Zito +800
Jason Schmidt +900
Chris Capuano +900
Randy Johnson +1000
John Smoltz +1000
Tim Hudson +1200
Mark Mulder +1200
Bronson Arroyo +1500
Dontrelle Willis +1500
Brett Myers +1500
Tom Glavine +2000
Greg Maddux +2300
Field (any other pitcher) +300

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