NHL Power Rankings: Week 22

By Brandon Shively - Covers Expert

The race is on! The NHL Playoff races are heating up and the Capitals are experiencing their first struggle of the season. The top spot has been taken over by the red hot Penguins, who are putting the pressure on in the Metropolitan Division. This is quite possibly the craziest movements we’ve endured within the power rankings.

NHL Power Rankings

Rank Last Week Change Team W-L-OT-SOL (ATS) Power Rating Team Comments
1 3 up 2 40-16-6-2
-250 Pittsburgh
What a week for the Penguins. Had it not been for a shootout loss to Calgary, things would have been perfect. Pittsburgh has caught fire at the right time and is now just 2 points behind the Caps for the top spot.
2 10 up 8 35-22-5-1
-245 Ottawa
The Senators rattled off 6 straight wins and haven’t gone anywhere in the Atlantic race. They saw their winning streak come to an end, but not without securing a point in an overtime loss to Tampa Bay on Tuesday.
3 12 up 9 36-26-2-2
-240 Calgary
Where did this come from? Calgary has won 10 straight games and just took down the Penguins in a shootout. Calgary has set themselves up in the in the Pacific as they have skyrocketed to 2nd place.
4 1 down 3 44-13-2-5
-235 Washington
You can’t penalize the Caps too much. They are still tops in the NHL, but their first losing streak and struggles of the season have highlighted some flaws. The Penguins and Blue Jackets are on their heels now. Lets see how they respond this week.
5 5 same 41-17-5-1
-232 Columbus
The Blue Jackets continue to sit in 3rd, but are catching fire as well. They are just 1 point behind Pittsburgh and 3 behind Washington. The real good news for them is that they’ve created some distance with 4th place New York.
6 2 down 4 42-18-4-1
-230 Chicago
It’s not that Chicago has played bad and are necessarily worthy of dropping 4 spots. In fact, they come in off a huge road win in Montreal. However, they just had the unfortunate luck of a lot of teams catching fire lately.
7 4 down 3 42-15-4-2
-220 Minnesota
The Wild are kind of in the same boat as the Blackhawks as far as dropping in the power rankings. They still are holding strong in the Central race as they sit just 1 point behind Chicago. Back to back losses though really hurts them as they had a chance to make a small move at the top spot.
8 11 up 3 34-25-4-2
-215 Boston
The Bruins are catching some steam. Winners in 3 straight and in 4 of their last 5, Boston has kept within striking distance of the red hot Senators and Canadiens.
9 6 down 3 38-19-6-1
-212 San Jose
Like so many others this week, teams are falling because of other teams just going nuts with winning streaks. San Jose is just fine, still clear 9 points of the Flames, who have that 10 game winning streak.
10 9 down 1 37-21-6-2
-210 Montreal
Montreal has a home and home awaiting them with Ottawa. We’ll see what kind of team this really is with the two most important games to this point in the balance this week.
11 7 down 4 41-22-0-2
-205 NY Rangers
New York has fallen victim to 3 of the best teams in the NHL ahead of them in their division. With the Blue Jackets and Penguins surging, New York now has some work to do to get back into the top 3.
12 8 down 4 35-22-4-4
-200 Edmonton
The Oilers allow just 2.6 goals per game this season. Their defense is a huge reason they are right in the thick of the playoff race.
13 14 up 1 32-27-4-1
-190 St. Louis
Winning streaks seem to be a common theme these days in the NHL. The Blues have won 5 straight and are just 2 points behind Nashville for 3rd place in the Central.
14 13 down 1 32-24-6-3
-185 Nashville
The Predators put an end to their 4 game losing streak and have responded with 2 straight wins. It’s them versus the Blues for that 3rd spot in the Central.
15 15 same 33-22-8-2
-182 Anaheim
The Ducks have felt the pain of the Flames 10 game winning streak and now have plenty of pressure on. Tied with Calgary and just 1 point clear of 4th place Edmonton, the Ducks will have to lean on their experience here.
16 18 up 2 28-22-6-8
-175 Toronto
The Maple Leafs had put together a 3 game winning streak, but allowing 7 goals to a weak Florida offense on Tuesday is certainly a few steps back.
17 20 up 3 31-28-3-3
-172 Los Angeles
Los Angeles still boasts one of the top defenses in the NHL. Ranking 5th, the Kings concede only 2.2 goals per game.
18 19 up 1 30-26-5-3
-170 Tampa Bay
With Steven Stamkos set to return, the Lightning have a legit shot a playoff spot.
19 17 down 2 30-23-7-4
-160 NY Islanders
The Islanders are experimenting a lot with some of their younger talent. This stretch run of the season is going to be important for their future.
20 16 down 4 29-24-5-6
-155 Florida
A pair of lengthy losing streaks have really sent the Panthers backwards. They’ve completely lost it defensively, as they’ve seen their average jump to 2.8 goals against.
21 21 same 27-27-6-6
-150 Buffalo
The only thing the Sabres have going for them is their ability to stay in games as their ATS record continues to improve and be the tops in the league.
22 23 up 1 30-26-4-4
-147 Philadelphia
The Flyers are not completely out of this race, but with just 15 games to go, getting 2 point every time out is an almost necessity.
23 22 down 1 30-30-5-1
-145 Winnipeg
The Jets are aren’t totally out of it just yet. But another 3 game losing streak like they just endured and they can for sure pack things in.
24 25 up 1 26-29-9-1
-140 Dallas
There’s a lot of growing pains with this team. They’re young, but they are at least competitive.
25 24 down 1 25-27-11-0
-130 Detroit
The Wings are irrelevant for the first time in 25 years. Not a fun sight for their fans.
26 27 up 1 26-26-5-5
-125 Carolina
Carolina is not a team you want to face at home. They currently sit with a 19-10-3-1 record.
27 26 down 1 25-28-10-2
-123 New Jersey
The Devils have been outscored 197-153 this season. Falling behind early has been their biggest flaw.
28 29 up 1 28-30-5-2
-115 Vancouver
4 straight losses are nothing new to the Canucks. This year has been filled with losing streaks as they tend to let losses carry over and hurt them in the next game.
29 28 down 1 23-35-6-1
-110 Arizona
Arizona has a lot to learn still. A young team, with a front office that doesn’t have much experience. Taking a step forward and learning from this year is a huge key.
30 30 same 17-44-2-1
110 Colorado
Trying to find a silver lining here, but there just isn’t one for this team.

Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.