MLB Power Rankings: Week 21

By Steve Merril - Covers Expert

The Kansas City Royals were the big movers this week in our MLB Power Rankings. They've figured out how to keep a mantis alive and have also figured out how to cash in some wins. As of Monday, the Royals have won eight in a row (and 13 of their last 15) and sit only 2.5 games out of the second American League wildcard spot.

MLB Power Rankings

Rank Last Week Change Team W-L (ATS) Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 78-45
-138 Chi. Cubs
Chicago's incredible season carried on this past week as they went 5-2 in their seven games. The Cubs are now 19-7 over their last twenty-six games. Overall, the Cubs are 78-45 on the season. Chicago's offense scored 42 total runs while scoring 4 runs or more in all seven of their games.
2 2 same 73-50
-131 Washington
The Nationals are 73-50 on the season after going 4-3 in their seven games last week. Washington's pitching was poor as they gave up 46 total runs in their seven games. Washington is +146 net runs overall, and their X_WL record (expected won-loss based on run margin) is 78-44 which is the second best to the Cubs in all of baseball.
3 3 same 71-51
-126 Cleveland
Cleveland had another winning week as they went 4-3 in their seven games. Overall, Cleveland is 71-51 on the season. The Indians will play a 7-game road trip this upcoming week after playing their last eleven games at home.
4 4 same 73-52
-124 Texas
The Rangers continued their winning ways by going 4-2 this past week. Texas is now 73-52 this season, and a full 6 games ahead of Seattle in the American League West division. Texas is an incredible 27-8 in games decided by exactly one-run this season, so their luck continues to carry on.
5 7 up 2 70-54
-122 Toronto
Toronto has been a consistent winner after the first month of the season. The Blue Jays started 12-15, but have since gone 58-39 after going 3-3 this past week. The Blue Jays are 70-54 overall, and they've been equally strong on the road (34-28) as at home (36-26).
6 8 up 2 69-54
-120 Boston
The Red Sox had another strong week, going 5-2 in their seven games. Boston is now 69-54 overall this season. Boston's offense remains the best in baseball as they've scored a total of 661 runs (5.4 runs per game) so far this season.
7 5 down 2 68-56
-118 San Francisco
The Giants' struggles continued last week as they went just 2-5 in their seven games. San Francisco is 68-56 overall on the season. The Giants' offense remains in poor current form as they've scored just 95 totals runs over their last twenty-four games (3.9 runs per game).
8 6 down 2 67-56
-117 Baltimore
Baltimore had another losing week after going 1-5 in their six games, dropping their overall record to 67-56 on the season. The Orioles' poor pitching staff reared their ugly heads as they gave up a whopping 50 total runs in their six games.
9 9 same 68-55
-116 LA Dodgers
Los Angeles went 3-3 for the third straight week. The Dodgers are now 68-55 on the season and hold a half game lead over the Giants in the National League West division. The Dodgers' pitching staff continued their poor form as they gave up 5 runs or more in four of their six games; they've allowed 100 runs in their last 18 games.
10 10 same 66-57
-112 St. Louis
St. Louis went 4-1 in their five games this past week. The Cardinals are now 66-57 on the season, and they are the only team in baseball that has a losing record at home (28-33) and a winning record on the road (38-24). St. Louis will play six home games this upcoming week.
11 11 same 66-57
-108 Seattle
The Mariners had another winning week, going 4-3 in their seven games. Seattle is now 14-6 over their last twenty games, and 66-57 overall on the season. The Mariners' games were close last week as they won three games by a single run while losing two games by a single run.
12 13 up 1 65-59
-106 Miami
The Marlins snapped their two week losing streak after going 4-3 in their seven games. Overall, Miami is now 65-59 on the season, and remain 8.5 games behind the Nationals in the National League East division. Miami's offense was terrible as they scored just 27 total runs in their seven games.
13 12 down 1 64-60
-105 Houston
Houston went a break-even 3-3 in their six games last week. The Astros are just 10-16 over their last twenty-six games, and they are 64-60 overall. Houston is still 47-32 in their past seventy-nine games after starting the season with a 17-28 record.
14 14 same 65-59
-101 Detroit
The Tigers are 65-59 overall this season after going just 2-5 in their seven games this past week. Detroit's pitching has struggled with a 4.24 ERA (17th in MLB), and they allowed 34 total runs in their seven games this past week.
15 18 up 3 64-60
100 Kansas City
Kansas City is 64-60 overall on the season after going a perfect 7-0 last week. The Royals' pitching staff was exceptional as they only gave up 9 total runs in their seven games against the Tigers and Twins.
16 15 down 1 62-59
101 Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh went 3-3 in their six games last week, bringing their overall record to 62-59 on the season. The Pirates pitching has struggled all season; they gave up 25 runs this past week. Pittsburgh's staff has allowed 287 total runs over their last sixty-two games (4.6 runs per game).
17 16 down 1 63-60
102 NY Yankees
New York is 63-60 on the season. The Yankees went 3-3 in six games this past week. The Yankees' pitching staff had a strong bounce back week as they gave up 2 runs or less in four of their six games against the Blue Jays and Angels.
18 17 down 1 62-62
103 NY Mets
New York went just 3-4 this past week, dropping their record to 62-62 on the season. Their pitching has been strong with a 3.64 ERA (3rd in MLB), but their offense has struggled with a .240 batting average which is the second worst in all of baseball.
19 21 up 2 60-64
110 Colorado
The Rockies bounced back with a 4-2 record last week. Colorado is now 60-64 on the season. Despite the winning week, the Rockies' pitching staff was awful again as they gave up 36 total runs in their six games against the Nationals and Cubs.
20 20 same 59-64
115 Chi. White Sox
Chicago had another even week; the White Sox went 3-3 in their six games. Chicago is just 59-64 overall and 37-54 over their last ninety-one games after beginning the season with a 22-10 record. Chicago has been in free-fall since their hot start.
21 19 down 2 58-67
116 Philadelphia
The Phillies went 2-4 last week, and overall, Philadelphia is 58-67 on the season. The Phillies' offense cooled way off as they only scored 19 total runs in their six games. The Philadelphia offense had scored 74 total runs (6.2 runs per game) in their previous twelve games.
22 23 up 1 53-71
123 San Diego
The Padres have a terrible 53-71 record on the season after going 3-4 last week. San Diego's offense remained in poor form as they scored 2 runs or less in four of their games. Still, the Padres have scored a total of 298 runs in their last fifty-eight games (5.1 runs per game).
23 26 up 3 53-70
125 Cincinnati
The Reds started the season 32-57, but have gone 21-13 since the All-Star break mainly due to a weak schedule of opponents (Brewers, Braves, Diamondbacks, Padres, Pirates). Cincinnati is just 53-70 overall on the season, so expect their losing ways to come back soon.
24 22 down 2 53-70
126 Milwaukee
Milwaukee had a terrible 1-6 week. The Brewers are now 53-70 on the season. Milwaukee's pitching was atrocious as they gave up 44 total runs in their seven games. Things won’t get easier this upcoming week with games against the potent offenses of the Rockies and Pirates.
25 24 down 1 53-71
128 Oakland
The Athletics' winning ways didn't last long after they went 1-5 in their six games this past week. Oakland is now 53-71 on the season. The A's pitching has struggled this year with a 4.64 ERA (26th in MLB); they gave up 26 total runs in their six games last week.
26 25 down 1 52-72
129 LA Angels
Los Angeles went 3-4 last week, but at least they snapped their 11-game losing streak. Overall, they are 52-72 on the season, but their X_WL (expected won-loss based on run margin) is 57-66.
27 28 up 1 52-70
130 Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay is 52-70 on the season even after going 5-1 last week. The Rays are just 21-34 in their last fifty-five games. Tampa Bay's pitching has improved immensely since the All-Star break as they've held 23 of their 34 opponents to 3 runs or less.
28 27 down 1 51-73
131 Arizona
Arizona is only 51-73 overall this season after going 3-4 this past week. The Diamondbacks allowed 44 runs in those seven games, and they have given up 354 total runs in their last fifty-two games (6.8 runs per game). Arizona is a terrible 21-40 at home this year, while going 30-33 on the road.
29 29 same 49-75
134 Minnesota
The Twins had another losing week after going just 2-4 in their six road games against the Braves and Royals. Overall, Minnesota is now 49-75 this season. The Twins' pitching staff has been terrible this season with a 4.96 ERA which is the second worst in all of baseball.
30 30 same 45-79
136 Atlanta
Atlanta is a horrible 45-79 overall this season after going 1-5 in their six games last week. The Braves are still the worst offensive team in baseball, averaging just 3.6 runs per game and batting only .244 this season.

Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.