MLB Power Rankings: Week 5

By Steve Merril - Covers Expert

Not much change at the top of our Power Rankings this week with the Chicago Cubs and the Washington Nationals holding down the top two spots. The big movers this week were the New York Mets and the Chicago White Sox. Could it be long before we see both Chicago clubs sitting no. 1 and no. 2 in our rankings?

MLB Power Rankings

Rank Last Week Change Team W-L (ATS) Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 17-6
-132 Chi. Cubs
The Cubs remain the best team in baseball even after a rain-shortened week. The Cubs are now 17-6 on the season in large part due to their excellent pitching staff.
2 2 same 17-7
-128 Washington
Washington is 17-7 after 24 games this season. The Nationals' starting pitching continues to be outstanding while their offense is in terrific current form, scoring 17 runs in their last three games.
3 7 up 4 15-8
-126 NY Mets
The Mets remain hot as they are 11-2 over their last thirteen games. Overall, New York is 15-8 on the season. Their pitching and offense have been terrific recently, and their winning ways should continue on.
4 8 up 4 18-8
-125 Chi. White Sox
The White Sox continue to win despite many non-believers. Chicago is now 18-8 on the season. While it's true they've played an easy schedule, the White Sox pitching has been outstanding so far this season.
5 3 down 2 13-11
-124 Kansas City
Kansas City struggled last week as they went just 1-5, bringing their overall record to 13-11 on the season. Their struggles may continue this week as they'll play 3 games against the Washington Nationals.
6 4 down 2 13-13
-123 LA Dodgers
Los Angeles also had a bad week as they went just 1-6 over their 7-game homestand. The Dodgers are now 13-13 on the season after their offense scored just 12 total runs in those seven games.
7 5 down 2 15-10
-122 Pittsburgh
The Pirates are 15-10 after four weeks of play. Pittsburgh went 5-1 last week as their offense continues to be in excellent form. The Pirates have scored 70 total runs in their last ten games.
8 9 up 1 14-10
-116 Baltimore
Baltimore is 14-10 on the season. The Orioles are a streaky team as they either win or lose in bunches. They've only alternated a win and a loss once this entire season, so pay attention when the Orioles get hot or go cold.
9 11 up 2 15-10
-115 Boston
Boston had a terrific week, and it ended with a 3-game home sweep of the New York Yankees. Overall, the Red Sox are 15-10 on the season which is very good considering they've played a brutal schedule so far this year.
10 6 down 4 12-13
-114 St. Louis
The Cardinals dropped in the rankings this week; they are now 12-13 on the season. St. Louis will begin this week on a 4-game losing streak thanks to their pitching which gave up 20 total runs in their last four games.
11 14 up 3 14-10
-113 Detroit
Detroit had a breakout week, going 6-1 over their last seven games. The Tigers are now 14-10 overall, and their reversal of form coincided with a major step-down in class.
12 13 up 1 13-13
-112 San Francisco
San Francisco snapped out of their losing funk after winning four of their last six games. The Giants are now 13-13 overall, and they have a chance to continue their winning ways with six games against the Reds and Rockies this upcoming week.
13 10 down 3 10-12
-111 Cleveland
Cleveland had a poor week as they went just 1-5 while getting swept at home by the Phillies. The Indians are only 10-12 on the year despite coming into this season with high expectations.
14 12 down 2 12-14
-110 Toronto
Toronto continues to be a disappointing team. The Blue Jays are just 12-14 over the first month of the season. Toronto's offense has been good, but their pitching has been highly inconsistent, especially as of late.
15 15 same 14-11
-105 Texas
The Rangers are a respectable 14-11 on the season. The Texas offense is carrying the team, and the lineup is in good form as they've scored 30 runs over their last five games.
16 17 up 1 13-11
-102 Seattle
The Mariners are 8-3 over their last eleven games, pushing their record to 13-11 on the season. Seattle's woeful offense continues to show life as they've scored 54 total runs in their last eleven games.
17 18 up 1 13-13
100 Oakland
Oakland is 13-13 on the season despite going just 3-6 over their last nine games. The A's play in a lot of close games; 54 one run games last season. Oakland has already played in nine one run games this season; they are 5-4 in those games.
18 16 down 2 12-15
105 Arizona
Arizona is in poor current form; they are just 1-5 over their last six games which all came at home. Overall, the Diamondbacks are 12-15 on the season. Arizona will begin a 9-game road trip this week, so things may not get any better this upcoming week.
19 19 same 11-13
108 Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay is just 11-13 in their twenty-four games this season. They are just 1-3 over their last four games thanks to an offense that scored just 7 total runs in those games.
20 20 same 12-13
110 LA Angels
Los Angeles has some momentum coming into this week after going 4-2 over their last six games. The Angels are 12-13 overall after the first four weeks of the season. Their offense has come around recently as they've scored 32 total runs in their last six games.
21 24 up 3 12-12
115 Colorado
Colorado continues to play .500 baseball as the Rockies are now 12-12 after the first four weeks of the season. The Rockies have proven to be a tough out despite playing a pretty tough schedule.
22 25 up 3 15-10
118 Philadelphia
Philadelphia opened the season at 0-4, but they've gone 15-6 since. The Phillies are one of the hottest teams in baseball, but can one of the worst rosters in baseball continue to win at this pace?
23 28 up 5 12-12
120 Miami
Miami finally turned their season around this past week; the Marlins are 7-1 over their last eight games. Overall, Miami is 12-12 on the season, and they can be a much better team than their record indicates.
24 21 down 3 8-15
121 NY Yankees
New York had another rough week; they are now just 8-15 on the season. The Yankees' offense is in an extended slump as they've only scored 46 total runs in their last 18 games.
25 22 down 3 9-15
122 Milwaukee
Milwaukee is just 9-15 after the first month of the season. The Brewers' pitching continues to be a major concern. They've given up 5 runs or more in 13 of their last 14 games.
26 23 down 3 10-15
123 Cincinnati
After opening the season with a 5-1 record, Cincinnati has gone 5-14 to bring their overall record to 10-15. Their losing ways can be mainly attributed to their poor pitching which has allowed 145 total runs on the season; the most in baseball.
27 26 down 1 8-17
125 Houston
The Astros have been a major disappointment this season; Houston has an abysmal 8-17 record. The team has been terrible on the mound and at the plate, and they simply look like a really bad team.
28 27 down 1 9-16
127 San Diego
The Padres are just 9-16 after twenty-five games this season. San Diego's offense is unpredictable as they've been shutout seven times this season, and they've scored 5 runs or more nine times this season.
29 29 same 7-18
129 Minnesota
The Twins began this season with an 0-9 record, but they've gone 7-9 since to raise their record to 7-18. Minnesota is just 1-10 on the road, and they just lost four of six home games as well.
30 30 same 6-18
130 Atlanta
The Braves began the season winless at 0-9, and they've gone 6-9 over their last 15 games. Atlanta was on an 5-game losing streak, but they've won two of their last three games.

Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.