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11/23/2014 kefe all. here to give you the easy morning play. broncos play rams======== ufa_kefe1 23
11/17/2014 How much money are we putting on Broncos ?? lovethedough 19
11/16/2014 I Know a couple things about the Chiefs .......& Arrowhead Stadium Gavinnick 31
11/15/2014 mississippi st play alabama pick. observed all week=================== ufa_kefe1 5
11/14/2014 Federer over Murray yourdaddyspice 14
11/14/2014 2nd half bills play dolphins=== ufa_kefe1 7
11/13/2014 kefe all. gonna start off the week ahead. bills play dolphins========== ufa_kefe1 5
11/11/2014 kefe all. here to give you monday night bailout. panthers play eagles========= ufa_kefe1 17
11/10/2014 Raiders could make a killing trading the #1 pick motowner 28
11/10/2014 WRITE-UP! The biggest revenge game no one is talking about is today.No it doesn't involve the JETS. scalabrine 98
11/10/2014 kefe all. here to give you sunday night pick. bears play packers============= ufa_kefe1 31
11/10/2014 PACKERS BEARS UNDER 27.5 1H EASY MONEY THANK ME LATER lil_b_swag 25
11/10/2014 Dont overthink it guys BEARS ML IS THE PLAY jriv189 45
11/09/2014 kefe all. here to give you the easy morning path titans play ravens======== ufa_kefe1 27
11/09/2014 kefe all. miday game . giants play seahawks============= ufa_kefe1 4
11/09/2014 kefe all. here to give you oregon play utah============ ufa_kefe1 12
11/03/2014 jus bout everyting u need to about da raiders play seahawks kefe all========== ufa_kefe1 22
11/02/2014 Kefe all. here to bail all you monkey dat lose money today. snf. raven play steeler=============== ufa_kefe1 20
11/02/2014 I Stake it All on This Tommorrow!! St2ee 32
11/02/2014 kefe all. here to start your morning off on da right path. chargers play dolphins====== ufa_kefe1 22