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10/27/2016 Yes, I am posting an NBA PLAY OF THE YEAR right now for a game almost two months away!!! scalabrine 103
10/26/2016 Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how SportsMavin 12728
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10/14/2016 Moving to Vegas to become a full time pro handicapper collegegambler 14285
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10/03/2016 Nathan Guy is in the media again Davenz 16
09/21/2016 Almost retired :( DaniellaOrtiz 46
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09/11/2016 .......................straight killer ................................. biggiantkiller 41
09/10/2016 For everyone talking about Denver's #1 run D.... LETGOPACK1234 77
08/28/2016 Who are the best college cappers on here? gohawks2012 43
08/26/2016 MEGALOCKS portcitytider 80
08/01/2016 The proof is in the pudding tonite WWATFC > NBIU Achilles1629 15
07/30/2016 Will KD's move to GS make the West more like the East and the East more like the West? begginerboy 11
07/25/2016 Favorite Band Jose_Reyes 45
07/25/2016 A 14-year old at a poetry slam is just the heaping spoonful of castor oil this forum needs!! scalabrine 14
07/17/2016 Selfish bum PublicJoe 23
07/17/2016 Was Bush drunk or high at this memorial service??? scalabrine 25
07/17/2016 a question for the anti-police folks ... Hugh_Jorgan 15
07/17/2016 Why are so many people "afraid" of Trump? bigvern1013 73