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02/28/2011 WTF is wrong with these firefighters...I would be SHOCKED if they weren't UNION "workers"........... 5_for_Fighting 43
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02/28/2011 UNEMPLOYMENT UP TO 9.8% ... Good thing that stimulus bill was passed 5_for_Fighting 22
02/28/2011 Obama proposing a 1.4% raise for the military in 2011, the lowest since '62, when no raise was given 5_for_Fighting 17
02/28/2011 Liberalism: An Autopsy: The heirs of the New Deal are down to 20% of the electorate. . 5_for_Fighting 43
02/28/2011 OBAMA'S TAX HIKE PLAN FAILS IN SENATE .............Top Senate Democrats defect, join unified GOP... 5_for_Fighting 52