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01/27/2016 Not for nothing but some of you may care to know that NC STATE -4.5 is a LOCK!!! AlphaandOmega 4
01/27/2016 Not for nothing but some of you may care to know that FRESNO-7.5 is a LOCK!! AlphaandOmega 6
01/16/2016 Call me a square but Aaron Rodgers +7 in a playoff game is impossible to pass up! AlphaandOmega 2
01/09/2016 Steelers first half=Lock AlphaandOmega 4
01/09/2016 Every SQUARE on the planet is on the Steelers today. That is a fact! AlphaandOmega 2
01/08/2016 To hedge or not to hedge, here is the math and why hedging is a bad idea.... vanzack 628
12/20/2015 Ny Giants are notorious for beating undefeated teams AlphaandOmega 2
12/04/2015 Few Years Back N.ill shocked the world with a backup freshman qb AlphaandOmega 10
11/01/2015 Mets rl +155 and Broncos ml +120 are as close to being locks as locks can get! AlphaandOmega 6
10/18/2015 Go 3-0 early --Take the Titans Jags and Jets AlphaandOmega 1
09/13/2015 Hammer the Bucs and Bengals---Heavy Sharp action on both plays!! AlphaandOmega 10
04/07/2015 Who were the greatest cappers covers ever had that have gone tout? scalabrine 110
02/01/2015 3 picks 3 blowouts so far bestcappersports 1396
01/11/2015 *** SUNDAY PLAYOFFS *** badlands 14
01/11/2015 Sunday Divisional Plays Jose_Reyes 13
01/11/2015 Governor Chris Christie Guaranteed a Cowboys Victory Today!! You Never Bet Against A Jersey Fat Boy AlphaandOmega 4
01/11/2015 So far the Big Dopes have bet on Lindley and Dalton and Lost.. Same Schmucks are taking person Romo! AlphaandOmega 1
01/11/2015 New England -7 trillypad 2
01/11/2015 Romo vs Rodgers and at Green Bay to boot! Enuff said- Bet the Packers for everything you have! AlphaandOmega 7
01/10/2015 Cavs +13.5 should be the biggest bet you ever made in your lives.. Also throw some on ml +875 AlphaandOmega 13