Betting Dude: No respect with Tebow props

Jun 11, 2013 |
The over/under on Tebow's touchdown total is at 2.5 for the season.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
The over/under on Tebow's touchdown total is at 2.5 for the season.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
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Tim Tebow was riding high after he threw an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas to beat the Steelers in a wild card playoff game two seasons ago.

The Broncos were happy. John Elway was running down the sidelines fist pumping. Tebow was "Tebowing". All was right in Mile High for the first time since back-to-back Super Bowls.

But in order to be truly ambitious you have to possess the discipline to trade a brunette for a blonde with the empathy of sociopath. 

So Tebow got dumped, then spent a year in an abusive relationship with Rex Ryan in Siberia only to be dumped again.

From hero to bench warmer, to punchline, and ultimately to vagabond. His home town team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, even refused to offer him shelter.

He became a man without a country when the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League turned their noses up at him.

But today, Tebow showed what a little faith can do for a man. He's been resurrected, signing with one of the best franchises in the league, the New England Patriots.

A perfect fit in my opinion.

Bill Belichick's playbook is littered with screens. Tebow can't mess up a 10-yard lateral pass to the likes of Julian Edleman or newly acquired Danny Amendola. Not to mention, he can save Tom Brady on his manicure bills on those third-and-shorts or goal line plays.

Early prop bets in Las Vegas have the over/under on Tebow's touchdown total at 2.5 for the season. This paltry line is a bigger insult to Tebow than Gronkowski threatening to take his virginity during a public speaking event at the University of Rhode Island.

I predict Tebow has a great year and scores at least five rushing and five passing TDs this season. Amen!

The guys @sportsbook_com have set the over/under on the total number of Tebow TDs in 2013 at 2.5.
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