It's time to start planning if you're heading to Vegas for Super Bowl LI

Nov 13, 2016 |
You can watch the Super Bowl in a sportsbook but getting a seat won't be easy with so many people in town for the weekend.
Photo By - USA Today Images
You can watch the Super Bowl in a sportsbook but getting a seat won't be easy with so many people in town for the weekend.
Photo By - USA Today Images
We're now more than halfway through the NFL season and the playoffs are right around the corner. This means that the Super Bowl is only three months away! Damn, the NFL season always seems to fly by. Yes, I'm already looking past the holidays and into February 2017.

Along with New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day and Labor Day, Super Bowl weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year in Las Vegas and the "Big Game" is big business. The Super Bowl isn’t just another major sporting event, it’s an all day entertainment event that has appeal beyond just sports fans.

In Las Vegas, you can watch the Super Bowl in a sportsbook but getting a seat won't be easy with so many people in town for the weekend. You’ll have to arrive at the sportsbook many hours before the game to possibly get a seat. Depending on the book a seat may not be possible and you might not even get a good standing room view of the game if you show up after kickoff.

Watching The Super Bowl In Las Vegas

There will be watch parties for the Super Bowl in just about every bar, restaurant and empty room in Las Vegas where you can place a television. These parties are a great way to ensure that you have a guaranteed seat to watch the game.

Prices at the watch parties have been rising rapidly since more people are visiting Las Vegas for major events like the Super Bowl. Just a few years ago entry to a watch party for the Super Bowl cost about $50. Last year the median price was between $75 and $100. Based on a quick look at early Super Bowl watch parties, it appears as though prices will be closer to the $150 range per person. Many of these parties include food and drink, so you’re paying for more than just a chair. Yeah, visiting Las Vegas to watch and wager on the Super Bowl won't be cheap next year.

Casinos, bars, and restaurants are just beginning to announce Super Bowl parties now but the vast majority of parties won't be revealed until next year. If you’re planning on visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, you might want to follow the “BigGameVegas” group on Facebook. This is a great resource for anyone visiting Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend. The group shares information on everything you'll need for a great Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas. For example, there’s already a spreadsheet going around with information on specific watch parties that I've broadly discussed here.

High rollers may be able to gain entry into certain Super Bowl watch parties without paying a fee. Just check with your casino host before getting into town. Don't wait until last minute because just about every seat will be taken - even if you’re a super high roller.

Staying In Las Vegas For The Super Bowl

High rollers should also get in touch with hosts to secure hotel rooms sooner than later. Rooms are still plentiful and prices aren’t out of control...yet. When the calendar hits 2017 and the majority of people scramble for hotel rooms, the prices will surely climb.

You can still find hotel rooms for around $100 per night on Super Bowl weekend at some of the lower end properties on the Vegas Strip. Rates in downtown Las Vegas and off The Strip are similar, if not a little higher.

Anyone visiting Las Vegas should check their favorite casino players club account to see what discounts and complimentary rooms are available. Since this is such a busy weekend, complimentary rooms and discounts will dry up quickly.

Betting On The Super Bowl

This is the busiest weekend for sports betting in Las Vegas. Depending on the casino, the lines to place wagers could be over an hour long. Next year there could be longer lines than ever before as there are more people wagering and more prop bets to wager on. If you’re like me, you’ll probably get all of your wagers placed in advance of the Super Bowl Sunday in order to avoid the rush.

I always have mobile wagering account(s) funded so I can place a few last minute prop bets without having to deal with a line. Even if you're not heavily into mobile app wagering, this is a good time to have an account. Even if you just put a few bucks into the account, you can have more flexibility to wager if the mood hits you. Since lines will be long, you'll avoid a ton of time wasted on line for a spur of the moment wager.

Hopefully, my neurotic tendencies to prepare in advance for everything will help make planning your Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas a little easier.
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