Tebow wouldn't change line 'dramatically' if he starts

Oct 2, 2012 |
If this situation happens, it won't change the line much. At first.
If this situation happens, it won't change the line much. At first.
Well now. We knew we’d get to this spot sometime this season. Four games in is a little early, but here we are nonetheless. The Jets are feeling heat to replace Mark Sanchez at quarterback and see if the Tim Tebow can give them a spark.

“This is not the time,” Ryan told New York writers on Monday after the Jets were repeatedly kicked in the private parts by San Francisco on Sunday. “Right now Mark gives us the best chance to win.”

Mindful of the Jets’ confusion on both sides of the ball and also of the gathering storm coming out of Houston (4-0), New York has been installed as a 7.5-point dog (41) for this Monday night’s game against the Texans.

Would a move to Tebow – which could come the following week at Indianapolis – change the betting dynamic for the Jets?

“We’d have to give it at least a week to see how things shake down,” says longtime Las Vegas-based oddsmaker Peter Korner. “I don’t think the numbers would change dramatically until we’re able to see what kind of energy Tebow would bring to the offense.”

The Jets were 3-point favorites at home against Buffalo, 4.5-point dogs at Pittsburgh, 1-point favorites at Miami and 3.5-point home dogs against SF. Those numbers will rise now that they are without their best playmakers on defense (Revis) and offense (Holmes).

The Jets are 2-2 overall with two division wins and tied at the top of the AFC East, and they sit at 2-2 ATS. But anyone with at least one functioning eye can see the problems – the fewest points scored in the league over the last three weeks, turnover after turnover, an offensive line in shambles, inability to run the ball. Yada, yada.

All the drama will be on display Monday night against the best team in the league. The Jets wanted the spotlight and now they’ve got it.
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